Monday, 18 February 2013

Kikwete’ll shock many this time around

The other day presider J.M. Kikwete left bibbers in stitches. When he woke those stealing then selling medicine from public hospitals to private dispensaries will soon meet their waterloo if not Armageddon, bibbers almost died laughing. We laughed and laughed and laughed (tulicheeeeka weeee) till some were hospitalized. Sadly though, as Kipanya’d put it, they ended up paying a fee ‘to see’ a doctor who seriously advised them to go and buy the stuff from his pharmacy. Jokes aside, this is ridiculous. Any politicos can swear in the names of all gods and angels without delivering and bibbers still vote for him massively. Don’t think: I’m making this up. This is how it’s always been.
Over and above, Kikwete’s ultimatum to show thieves of public drugs what made a snake legless, are pomp and romps, if not pongs, we’re used to. Don’t blame him after seeing those smart guys get away with it. Please ask him. Has he ever called the shots or delivered on the promises to nab drug barons, thugs and fisadis whose lists he said to have had in the drawer? Being a wonk, he'll fix this gunk.
Interestingly, fyatus are asking: why did he wait for good eight years to act? What flap-doodle  Better late than never, Are you out of the loop? The good man’s busy globetrotting to attract aids and investors. Whether this badass public robbing’s been goin’ on for a long time isn't an issue. Again, why didn't you remind him? Don’t you know? He’s a lot to do that make him neither see nor hear anything till the eleventh hour. What a wise monkey! See nothing hear nothing. If you thought he didn't live up to his words, why did you vote him for the second time? What did you want him to do after noting that his policies, time, and strategies are hitting a snag? Don’t you know: we've elections in 2015? Who wants to become a sitting duck after being a lame duck?
Fyatus are saying: our man must jail all suspects especially those robbing our hospitals and dispensaries, and of course, Keko-based Medical Store Department (MSD). Who wants to open Pandora’s Box? If he does, it means: he’s to roast his pals and consigliore. Again, this’ll defeat their hand in glove cooperation or mshikamano. Supposes he does so and they fire back by putting his dirty laundry to the agora? Do you think they met at the roadside as Eddie once recanted it?
Call ‘em all great names- sharks, noble thieves and fisadis. The man knows: by robbing government hospitals, they’ll still cure the bibbers or invest in the hunk. Refer to Villa-dotted Beaches in Masaki, Msasani, Mikocheni, Kunduchi and now Kigamboni.
Those saying Jake didn’t deliver must have their heads examined. He did deliver a lot more than expected. He grieved when his consigliore Eddie Luwassha was immolated by the Parliament to save his face and outfit. Remember. Haven’t you already forgotten Kagodamn and EPA? Mark my word. This time Jake’ll nab Kagodamn and those robbing our drugs and drug barons so that he can leave a shining legacy. However, there’ve been cat-rat meanderings and silence, Kikwete is a serious man who says less and does much. Wonder not if he orders WAMA to man MSD.
In a word, one thing must be twigged. Though you say the good man whitewashed in delivering and performing, at least, he kept the hunk guessing. We live with hopes. Everybody tries to rob and get rich like others. Ask the robbers, drug barons, tax evaders, corrupt officials and whatnot he said he knows of. Our man doesn't have kiherehere like those primary school girls he said it causes their impregnation.
What’s more, since he came to power, new and sound investments such as RITES and EPA have been attracted so as to become tougher, smarter and mightier than the power that- be even after messing. Applaud him for this leap forth.
If anything, Kikwete’s upbeat issue regarding his so-called successful fight against graft is ‘real.’ Yeah. He persecuted Basie Pesambili, Dan son of Jonah and Chieddie Mgonjwa. Aren’t they sharks? Given that these are ‘the only’ big fish in the pond, whom else do you want him to take on? Rostaam, Riz? If there’d be others, he’d not blink to keep tabs on them.
As for fight against larceny, we’re all witnesses. Cops are allowed to shoot to kill as they do trigger-joy stuff. And when ignorant and abhorrent guys bay for their blood, they file cases full of legal flaws and get themselves off the hook.
Additionally, our economy is shriveling, sorry, shriving. If it weren’t, mammoth scams like Richmond, EPA, CIS, Meremeta and others would sink it. But thank Gosh. I can see many oil guzzlersor shangingis being bought even more despite swearing they’d be phased out. You banish them by buying more expensive ones. Thereafter, the old ones are sold to top officials at a throw-away price.
Again, our man told his detractors to their faces that when you experience traffic jams it means: The economy’s booming. For, everybody either has a Shangingi, or Mkangafu.
Screwed up big time uh-uh? Beware! There’s a fly in the ointment though. Again, don’t this seriously. I’m just kidding. True, Kikwete’ll shock many, if not all, this time around. Shiznit, isn't it?
Source: This Day Feb., 18-24, 2013.

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Jaribu said...

The man is a bonehead! He has given a new dimension to the whole concept of low expectations.