Thursday, 28 February 2013

Once in 600 years!

Acording to vaticanisti, insiders and literati in the  field, the resignation of Pope Bendict XVI once occurred 600 years ago. For many of us such a thing was a hidden treasure so to speak. Importantly, for this blog, what the pontiff did should be a lesson for the world especially African strong men who think that nobody can sit on their seats and things stay normal. They tamper with their countries' constitutions so as to stay little knowing there is an end to everything under the Sun.
Secondly, we need to appreciate the fact that every creature under the Sun has two most significant features--- the begining and the end- that govern our lives.
Thirdly, it is better to appreciate the fact that the pontiff knew his strength as well as his weakness--- physically, spiritually and politically-- so as to read the signs of time and do the right thing at the right time.
However, Vatican has always denied it, no doubt that, apart from old age, scandals may be attributed to be one of the reasons of pontiff's early abdication. Currently, the Holy See is dogged by sexual related scandals in all five continent. For the man on the helm--- if he happens to face the reality and accept--- such situation suffices to show him what to do--- abdicate, retire, resign call it whatever.
May this unique occurence change the perspective of the way rulers and leaders see power and life in general.

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