Monday, 28 October 2013

Bongolalaland’s false prophets and their miracles!

  Emanuel Nchimbi Minister for Home Affairs
News that some Nigerian con men were arrest after it came to light that they’re in the country illegally forced me to write this piece. I wasn’t shocked by the news knowingly that our country is shamba la chizi where all types of quacks can come and make a killing. Why didn’t our people even read the deceit the name of the so-called set carried?  You know what. The name of the church the con men were using is Life Changer Chapel International. This is more a company than a religious sect. Is it life changer or life ruining? Why do our govt withstand and allow criminals to turn almost everything into a feeding frenzy while our earthlings are starving to death?
To me, homemade and imported con men and women are criminals that need to be behind bars. If I were the power that be I’d not have deported illegals without charging them for living in the country illegally. By just deporting them without punishing is like we’re encouraging to return knowingly that doing so won’t be punished. If anything, this is but immunizing them.
Again, should we blame those con men and women alone? Our people are now an anathema.  Our government (sheepdog) is too compliant and inept. How can people live in the country illegally for decades? Interestingly, the govt does get many police officers to chase opposition but it can’t get officials to deal with illegals. They don’t want to work hard and legally. Yet our people want to become rich quickly. This is clearly why many con men and women are making a killing in our country. It is easy to become rich in Tanzania. Just create a bogus religious company or become a witchdoctor aka traditional healer. The other day the media reported that some twilight girls aka vyangudoa from Rwanda were operating in the country despite some of them being HIV+. In a word, they’re killing our people and the authorities were just watching.
 After you form such bogus outfit make sure you preach utajirisho or enrichment. Go to TV stations and newspapers. Press your adverts on how you perform miracles of screwing fools up in the name of Jesus Christ.  Given that they’re still many fools who can believe all sorts of nonsense, you’ll make money easily. You simply turn your gory ghost into Holy Ghost (roho mtakakitu into roho mtakatifu).  Those who think I’m trying to learn how to con or lie should feel ashamed of themselves in the name of Jesus. Don’t you hear some female shepherds who preach about strengthening marriage while they are not married themselves? Haven’t you heard one kanungaembe telling women that she can make them rich to the extent of wearing bling bling like her? Haven’t you ever heard of her telling lies that gold belongs to those who believe in Jesus? Shame on her! Jesus died a pauper and was for paupers. Don’t associate him with your greed and criminality.
 Arguably, if it is easy to strengthen your marriage why can’t they find someone to marry them?  Didn’t you hear one Michael Njoroge of Nairobi who used to use twilight girls he slept with to testify that he cured them? How many skinners (wachunaji) you see around in the name of shepherds (wachungaji)? Who’s to blame? Do they read you Matthew 24:3-5? It says 'Many False Prophets Will Arise and Deceive Many.' How many do you know in our cities? We’ve them from almost everywhere. Do you remember Mbeya-based Congolese who so too used to hoodwink and con even the high and mighty? Ironically, those bigwigs who said to have been protecting him have nary been brought to book. You’ll hear such gullible criminals priding themselves of being patriotic during political campaigns.
Sincerely, please believers, you must choose to truly remain religious or earthly but not both.  Essentially, those duped like to be duped by the people of dog who say are people of God. Again, how do you feel to find that the guy you used to believe to guide you spiritually is a criminal living in the country illegally? Whom will you blame for your gullibility and imbecility of being taken for a ride? Guys, please think twice even more. Nobody is able to strengthen your marriage, make you rich, bring you happiness and what have you. All those are but sick con men and women who want to use you to survive. Again, even our authorities need to start working instead of sleeping on the wheel so as to allow criminals to turn our country into a No Man’s Land.
Again, shall the going on war become sustainable; chances are that those who are not yet nabbed will soon be nabbed. For their impending Calvary is inevitable. Although the so-called operesheni kimbunga is not heard anymore, shall the authorities tie their shoes up; chances are our country is likely to reclaim her lost fief. I thus urge those responsible with the security and prosperity of our hunk to not relent in this war against economic refugees regardless to whether they come from neighbouring countries or afar.
Boozers are waiting to evidence miracles those quacks calling themselves prophets will perform this time around. Beware.  Never allow corrupt leaders to buy their agents out. They're all the same even if some are citizens and other foreigners. “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.”
Source: Thisday Oct. 28, 2013.

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