Sunday, 20 October 2013

Canaan- expecting unexpected uh!

When I was a kid, full of myopia, childish ambitions and all sort of crazy stuff, my grandma used to tell me to patiently wait for my fiancee who lived on the moon.
Before falling in love with this strange most beautiful creature, my grandma had oft-narrated the sweet story her stunning beauty! She’s theoretically handsome indeed so to speak.
As the days crawled by as I grew, I found that this was cock-and-bull sort of tales. I rebelled and took this wife I've today and forgot that mythical one.
What does this tale mean? Be patient as I was.  Later you'll know and rebel as well.
The year 2005 saw my expectations swell like a mountain Kilimanjaro. It’s after voting for the candidate, Jake Kiquette who promised to deliver me to Canaan. At the time, I was in "Egypt under the pharaoh" who later happened to be Jake’s best friend Ben bin Kiwila aka ANBEN!
Just like any distraught and tormented earthling, I’d all reasons to vote for Jake. I did so believing that he meant what he’s saying and said what he meant! That’s the reason I did do what might now be seen as a goofy thing.
    Now over seven years down the line, t my grandma’s story is repeating itself!  The mission to Canaan doesn’t show any sign of materializing! When I look at my life, it’s become worse than it were under Pharaoh Ben. It does not mean that Pharaoh delivered me. It is just comparably especially when I compare two evils.
    I remember that year. After voting for the ‘man of people and the choice of God’ I even gave big shouts to my friends who left for Ughaibuni. You know what? I told them to return back home and enjoy the manna the messiah had promised. I went as far as blasphemously averred that what they’re doing there’s what Nigerians call BBC or forgive me, British Butts cleaning!
    Knowing the art of lugubrious politics, politricks, politicos and poly-ticks, the guys ridiculed me as I laughed at them! They warned me of taking these promises at face value.
"Hither I am come" ready to repent and seek their clemency for my blasphemy. They’re right. I was totally wrong. Hither I’m. Had I known that I believed in unbelievable; expected unexpected and accepted the unacceptable! 
Somebody even anybody and everybody help and spare me. When will we begin our journey of deliverance and manumission to Canaan? To avoid sounding giddy, please tell me now where the gettable are?
I wish I could ask this question to the man I voted for. Again, how if he’s ensconced amidst no nonsense body guards who can break my skull? Who will listen to a riff-raff like you and me? I wish I’d. But how will I; if the mighty gentleman, apart from being out of touch, regards my questions and lamentations as odious gups? If I’ll, will he trust me if at all his praise singers have his ears and tell him that things are spiffy while they actually aren’t?
When I look at my fate now, I find that the 500,000 job opportunities Jake promised have never been thought about let alone being realized. War against corruption, drugs and nihilism is still virgin and even tougher and these vices are even more rampant than ever before!
I was pissed off and totally confused when my man said recently that those who know drug barons should name them so that they can be brought to book. Wow! Who will gnash the bone that the hyena left after failing to chew it? Who will name names knowingly his or her evidence will be used against him or her as it happened to Aminia Chifwupa a few years ago? Who will touch untouchables whose names have been under presider’s nose for over seven years? Nani hajitaki huyo namely who is tired of living
As for our Canaan promise, it’s more just a promise but a contract which motivated us to vote for Jake who seems to have forgotten everything. Now it is an open secret that words are heard that better life for all cannot come on the silver platter.  Why now not then?
After all, there is no megalomania of waiting for development and better life for all to be delivered on silver platter.  Better life for all can be delivered on a silver platter for courtiers and those connected only. For the hoi polloi, they can go to hell shall they want. They can commit suicide instead of being given better life for all. When he said better life for all he didn't mean all of us. He meant all of them namely the high and mighty.
Again, Jake’s challenge's. Israelite didn't toil for the manna. Hither's where the core of cheap lies can be traced and be pinned down.
If I can go by Jake’s promises and assurance, I’d disrespect the noises of "development cannot come down like rain." Yes. If the lugubrious govt accused of corruption can live without delivering, isn't this getting goodies (development) on the silver platter? May be, we’re expecting unexpected!

Is it the tale of "now you see me; now you don’t?" Can’t this be terimus ad quem? Who knows? I’m not a clairvoyant anyway.  Again, my man is a big liar. Like a king, he’s naked shall the Truth been told.
Source: Thisday Oct., 21, 2013.

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