Friday, 11 October 2013

Mwakyembe, come forth and redeem your name please

You don’t need to invent any wheel to know that Dr Harry Mwakiembe  Kyela (CCM) is a man of many faces, many words and many worlds. On the one hand, there are those who see him as a saintly being thanks to his rhetoric and sometimes sideshows. On the other hand, there are those who see him as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Dr Wilbrod Slaa, CHADEMA’s General Secretary hit him hard recently alleging that Mwakiembe is corrupt through and through. I was waiting to hear him defuse this bomb deservedly to no avail. This is why I am writing today asking him to do something about it.
 For those to whom Mwaki is new, need to know the man who has stolen thunders on many occasions. Mwaki is one of the first journalists who studied law and later became famous. After attaining a PhD in law, Mwaki became a lecturer in the faculty of Law of the University of Dar es salaam. At the same time he’s an advocate who made fame so as to end up vying for Kyela Constituency he’s captured twice.
Mwaki came to the limelight after being appointed the chair of a parliamentary select committee that was appointed to look into Richmond scam. Thanks to how Mwaki Committee crucified the then untouchable Eddie Lowassa. All of the sudden; Mwaki became a man of another world.
Presumably, when Mwaki’s enjoying his new found fame, some blind spots started to surface in his comportment. His deportment started to show a many-faced creature that can do anything to gain power. This came to light when Lowassa complained that the committee did not do him justice. Mwaki hit back hard saying that Lowassa should keep mum due to the fact that there’s some other sensitive information the committee concealed. Then many people started to argue and wonder; why hiding such denting and sensitive information, for whose benefit and why? Sadly though, Mwaki didn’t bother to mount his defense on this.
What followed after Mwaki and his team hid such sensitive information became an eye opener.  We all know what transpired. For reminder, Mwaki, Sam Sixx who’s then the speaker of Mjengo and one Stella Manyanya were rewarded with ulaji.  Some analysts saw this as shotgun marriage after the trio crucified Lowassa who was regarded as a sacrificial lamb that save the outfit. Mwaki was appointed a junior minister, Sixx a full minister and Manyanya a regional Commissioner. Wow! Sometimes crimes pay. Don’t they? Whether Jake Kikwete appointed this guy meritoriously or dubiously who knows? Again, circumstantial evidence leads us to believe that there was horse trading of sort. 
So, those who used to know one face of Mwaki started to look for other faces. They got them easily. The other time Mwaki became a celebrity is when he fell sick from unknown malady. As usual, those who regarded him a fighter for the right of hoi polloi started accusing the enemy of the nation of poisoning him as an attempt on his life. Mwaki went ballistic so as to assert that he truly was poisoned. Who poisoned him? Top national security secret. The man was taken to India for treatment. After a stint in India, Mwaki resurfaced as triumph as never before. 

Again, his noises paid handsomely. For after arriving from India, Mwaki was appointed a full minister responsible for a lucrative ministry of transport.  At last the son of gun got what he was made for. As usual, the man started stealing thunders once again. He declared wars on various enemies of which are drug barons. He went a mile further saying he’d name names. Everybody was held captive waiting for Mwaki to name names.  What followed thereafter is another ball game. The guy ended up frying small fish as he pampered sharks. Again, can Mwaki rebut allegations Slaa made that he is corrupt through and through? Please Mwaki; mount your defense before we take Slaa’s allegations upfront. Come with wise nuggets but not offal and political hoo-ha and cat-rat tales sir.

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