Saturday, 23 August 2014

The Day Nape took on Warioba to end up chastened

Looking at dog eat dog Chama cha Maulaji (CcM) is in regarding the Draft Constitution, top dogs are likely to use whatever means to get away with it especially undermining underdogs who of recently seem to be a very big threat dogging their ulaji. To do so, all types of dogs are at work. Lap dogs are singing praise for top dogs while barking dogs are doing the noise making stuff to undermine underdogs. When it comes to watch dogs, just like underdogs, are saying loudly that things are not well. Love me love my dog everybody’s saying.
Nnape Mapepe Nnauyee the chief spin doctor of CcM recently put on a dog as he belligerently officiated mipasho phase especially by  pointlessly taking on Judge Jose Waryuba former head of Constitution Review Commission (CRC) and his crew. Like a blind dog in a meat market, after being unleashed by his masters, Nnape took a swipe on Waryuba saying that he’s eaten from two tier regime and had his gut full. Instead of discussing the document CRC presented, Nnape and the likes are discussing people. Is this the sign of bankruptcy and impotence or the sign of throwing the towel in?
  Mapepe alleged that Warioba’s turned the tables against the same hand that used to feed him. If anything, something like this shouldn’t happen to a dog. Why allowing a barking dog to rain insults cats and dogs in the first place. Though Nnape and his handlers can pride themselves that they’ve succeeded to bloody Waryuba, they’d have stood in bed. Disinterested and sane people will defend this noble doyen. It is sad to note that abusing Waryuba’s become another policy for sick and mad politicos.
Getting away from dog rigmaroles and analogue, let’s dig into what transpired recently. If there’s sacrilegious sin Waryuba committed for some bigwigs is nothing but to refuse to be used like a tool in someone’s hands. In a simple parlance, Waryuba refused to do dirty laundry for CcM something Nnape and Kinanae are now doing at their future peril shall things change. The guys are singing the old song trying to makes us believe that it is a new one. They are spitting in the wind thinking they can get away with it.
Nnape became famous for just wrong reasons. Who knows that barking role would make a person famous? He came to the limelight when he took on Gambas in Eddie Ewassa and Endelea Chenge. He swore by land and heavens that he’d see to it that the two pillar of corruption are felled. To his dismay, his master made an abrupt U-turn and sided with the barks aka magamba. Dog-tired, Nnape had to eat humble pie and nurse the wrongs he sustained in this enmeshment. Sane minds thought that this would become the end for Nnape to be used just like a toilet paper. Nay, they’re wrong. Before long, he took on ministers he just called them burdens in the govt of his boss who happened to use and dump him as pleased. Once again, he was offering his offal services. What Nnape thought would be easy meat ended up becoming a hard nut to crack especially for a wino like him. When Nnape’s boss ignored him, many thought he’d call it a day and hit the road. But he didn't.  Instead, he became a burden himself after many questioned if Nnape’s move and utterances came from his heart of hearts. For a charlatan whose reward is a morsel and a pat on the back, how damaging his chatters are doesn't matter. However, such predicament becomes worse especially when the one behind it is referred as an educated person. Is he truly educated or he is just one of many forgers we evidence parting on our tax under the pretext of being top dogs in the party.
Looking at Nnape’s rumpuses one asks: when will he get it right? Again, given that Nnape's the product of a rotten system that rewards the children of bigwigs, Nnape’s nothing to worry or care about. Like Riz Kiquette, Adam Mmalima, Goddie Mggimwa, Husssein Mwinyi, Jan Makkamba, Emmy Ncchimbi and many more who hit the jackpot simply because they’re the children of the high and the mighty Nnape’ll make more noises to see to it that their empire won’t cascade down.
Whether Nnape’s an elite or a quack, nothing’ll deter him given that there are many more alleged to have forged their academic credentials and still are appointed to high offices. Have you forgotten the chief forgers in the ranks such as Bill Lukkuvi, Emmy Ncchimbi, Marry Naggu, Makorongo Muhanga, Dolorous Kamala and many more unearthed? Criminality does pay in this hunk. Who’d think that a chap like Kinamna would be appointed chief of establishment even after he’s linked with poaching? Falsification constitutes a crime only if it is committed by normal hoi polloi. For biggies, forgery’s nary sent anybody parking or to prison. This is why there are some shady characters pertaining to be educated while they actually are not. And this doesn't raise eyebrows for the authorities! Who’ll take on who if all do the same biz though in a different fashion?
Source: Guardian.

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