Sunday, 17 August 2014

When prince becomes plebeian-cum criminal

          Boozers, recently, evidenced awkward turn of events when one time Prince in Zenj, Mansur Jose Hamidy’s apprehended in connection with illegal possession of firearms. This, if anything, used to be an abomination in the hunk where the relatives of the high and mighty are always but hallowed cows that can’t be cowed. Thus, boozers were shocked to death. Again, there’s a significant lesson that once power escapes from the holder anything can happen on him from git-go. Wonder not. Under such a situation a prince or a princess might end up becoming a plebeian.
          As I mused on this telling scenario of muscle flexing between two royal coteries, I found that things are changing for the better though out of the blue. The said prince’s netted not just because his king brother is no longer on the cathedra. Nay, methinks. The guy’s apprehended simply because he burnt his bridge with the hounding outfit. This is why the he’s bullied and vexed. This, again, shows that the ruling party’s bigger than the kings who once presided over its affairs.  Secondly, I found that once power gets into heads chances of creating a temporal insanity is high.  This is why the relatives of this prince made a lot of rumpus as if all other innocent boozers rotting behind bar as if they’re not’t bin-Adams. Yeah. How many outfit-affiliated criminals do we’ve that have always lorded it over boozers without being seized? I still remember one, meku Alexis Mathawe who used guns and became a tycoon without being bothered. He only landed in troubles after starting to sympathize with and supporting the opposition. When he’s in bed with the outfit, whatever crimes he committed, weren’t dealt with given that he used the spoils to finance the outfit.
          Himidy’s predicaments are a reminder that all those who commit crimes because of being in relation with the powerful would be warned that their relation isn’t forever like diamond. Once, either those in power vacate offices or make mistakes all those depending on them for favours become vulnerable. This is why I won’t wonder to find current princes and princesses behind bar a few years to come after one of theirs leave the office. In his book The Power of One Bryce Courtenay says, “I have found in life that everything, no matter how bad, comes to an end.” It is sad when the end is worse than the beginning. Again, who bother to muse on the end even if they know that it is always there waiting for them?
          The splendour of family-shared-used-and-abused power is that when one of yours is in power you all are in power. You enjoy power. You eat and drink power till it climbs into your head. You start threatening people saying, “Do you know who I am?” True, those who don’t know the rules of the game do shiver and wobble when you bully them. Some use you to make a killing. They do so knowingly that once your dad or mom is gone everything’ll be gone. They, thus, fool you as you fool yourself that your supposedly power won’t come to an end.
          Boozers, despite the effects of booze, have one philosophy. Live as if you’ve nary lived. Avoid being noticed. Don’t behave like a grasshopper that hops and soars the sky to be seen by eagles. Again, how many have guts and veins to keep low profile while they command power. Lord Macaulay wrote, “The highest proof of virtue is to possess boundless power without abusing it.” We can easily see wickedness in our monarchs. We see kids of presidents becoming presidents just because their fathers or mothers are presidents.  These illegal and unconstitutional presidents do things even their parents can’t do. They enjoy ulaji and other goodies not just because they deserve them. Nay, it is because they’re the progenies of the kings and queens. They become rainmakers not just because they’re smart or enterprising. No, it is just because they’re enjoying their parents’ power. Once such power's gone they too find themselves bearing the blunt for whatever mess they made. Again, this depends on the system governing their hunks.  When Mtukufu Daniel elf Moja was president in the hunk of Kenya, his sons and daughters were in the news almost every day. But when the old man was bundled out of power unceremoniously, some of them are facing criminal charges and nobody can help them. Their father is no longer the head of everything in that hunk.  How many have taken a leaf from this epic example. Who cares? They’ll care when princes and princesses become plebeians-cum-criminals even fecklessly.
Source: Thisday Aug.,17,2014

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