Sunday, 19 June 2016

Boozers want their former biggies probed

            When boozers got wind of how some hunks are taxing their former biggies to come clean on their past, they asked me to pen this piece demanding that our hunk follows suit. Boozers aren’t happy with some of their former rulers especially those who screwed them up openly so as to become poorer and poorer while some buggers became richer and richer thanks to ripping them off. From this milieu thus, I’d like to officially petition the govt to start probing such venal biggies. Boozers would like to see their closets open so that all skeletons can be cleansed.
            It recently came to light that biggies and their spouses and pals in Brazil, Israel and Nigeria are probed. Essentially, what transpired in these hunks alerted boozers to ponder on taking on their former biggies–though not all–as the way of knocking sense into all those who still wrongly believe that Bongolalaland is grandma’s garden.
            It recently came to light that in Brazil, the hunk’s started the journey of shedding its grungier and gloomier past. Authorities started with president madam Dilma Rousseff who’s been suspended so that she’d be probed without any interloping.
            Nigeria followed suit by probing their former president Goodluck Jonathan. Israel went a mile ahead by probing the wife of their Prime Minister Sarah Netanyahu after it came to light that she wickedly spent public dosh on personal matters.
            Sometimes, this might be seen as witch-hunting, our hunk needs to tax everybody who once led it to come clean on all allegations they face especially robbing our coffers and misusing our taxes. This is nothing but doing justice to them even to boozers. I wonder; why’d we exempt big and powerful criminals from facing the music while some junior officials have already faced it? In boozers’ lingua, this is called the moment of truth.
            If we look back at how our hunk was raped, robbed and abused, we find a tremendous need of having those behind such heinous crime should not only be probed but also put behind bars; regardless they’re sharks or small fish. Like Israel, we need to probe biggies’ spouses whom we know to have robbed us using their bogus Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) such as MAWA and EOTFL.
            The examples from Brazil, Nigeria and Israel are crucial for our hunk shall justice be delivered; and be seen done. We need to not only probe our former biggies but also their family members, consigliore and partners in crime. If we can probe and fire other public workers, why can’t we do the same to our rulers who used to be public employees though in high positions?
            Probing our former biggies has many gains:
            Firstly, it’ll help them to do away with rumours and accusations that they either mismanaged or robbed our hunk.
            Secondly, it’ll unearth corrupt biggies, especially those who took boozers for a ride thinking they’d get away with murder. Thirdly, it will restore the code of ethics, accountability and limpidity.
            Fourth, it’ll create a precedent that; nobody’s above the law. Fifth, it’ll send a clear message to corrupt biggies especially those who turn public offices into dosh-making ventures at the detriment of boozers.
            The history of our hunk shows that almost all former biggies minus the late Mwl Julius Nyerere have skeletons in their closets. For instance, mzee Ruxa has always been accused of engineering Loliyondo scam in which the part of our national park was vended to an Arab who killed many animals indiscriminately. As for Ben, Kiwila scam’s always become a cross on his neck not to mention doing illegal biz in the holy of the holy of Magogoni. So, too, Ben is accused of entering bogus contracts under the guise of investment that saw our NBC and other lucrative parastatals robbed.
 When it comes to Jake Kiquette, his mess is bigger than all of his predecessors put together. Allegations against him are clear; and have been going on for a long time. EPA scam opened the curtain even before the dude came to power. Thereafter, Richmond kicked in. Before the dust settled, UDA and Escrow scams kicked in not to mention his irresponsible rule that saw our hunk wasting billions of dough on a draft constitution that’s butchered for fear of prosecution after abdicating. We’re talking of scams. Jake’s also accused of spending much dosh and time globetrotting so as to force boozers to coin a say that their hunk was on out pilot during Jake’s tenure.         The other day at Mwl Nyerere’s symposium, I heard Ben defending Jake when General Ulimwengu wanted him charged for embezzlement. Ben said we’d advise them instead of blaming them.  How so if we advised them and they said we are lazy at thinking? We need to kick ass to see to it we move forward as a hunk.
Given that other sane hunks have started to open the closets of their former biggies, Boozers think; and would like to see their big suspects being probed and those found culpable should be put behind bars at least.
Source: Guardian on Sunday,

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