Saturday, 4 June 2016

Boycott everything Hindi boozers

            Boozer’s one incurable weakness; he doesn’t know how to sugarcoat anything. He speaks things other fear and hate to take on. This is one of such things. When racist Indians attacked African in February this year–after a Bongolaland girl’s beaten up, mobbed, stripped and violated simply because a Sudanese drive knocked down an Indian woman–they wrongly thought they’d get away with murder. They faultily thought Africans are good at nothing but forgetting and forgiving just the same way they’ve always evidenced apartheid amidst in the form of caste system among themselves without taking any decisive actions. It seems; things have changed albeit. According to the Kenyan Daily Nation (May 25, 2015), African envoys to India decided to rekindle the fire that may see India lose its magic. They decided to say enough is enough so as to advise their countries to stop sending students to India for the fear of being discriminated against or being killed. They think; the number of those that have already been killed is enough. The paper quoted Kenya’s High Commissioner to India, Florence Weche as saying, “Given the pervading climate of fear and insecurity in India, the African heads of missions are left with little option than to consider recommending to their governments not to send new students to India unless and until their safety can be guaranteed.” Boozers, too, have left with no option except stating that it is enough. African countries should categorically boycott everything Indian. Essentially, boozers have nothing to lose except their disgrace given that whatever they need from India can be supplied by China. If need be, they’d reconsider denying citizenship to Hindis. After all, even the education that’s warranting the killing of our brethren is arguably and comparatively wanting just like most of the goods they buy from there. Boozers think: those the colonial monsters brought to exploit them are enough; and must be viewed with suspicion due to the fact that they, too, are stinking racists. Refer to how they don’t intermarry with them; or share even religion with them. If there’s the religion the former shares with the latter’s nothing but monkey biz whose god is dosh.
            Again, boozers concur with their envoys. They know too well; this is not the fear of the unknown. It is real; and needs equal reciprocity. Boozers say it openly without mincing words that they’ve nothing to lose given that since these guys were brought by British brutish colonial monsters many decades ago have boycotted them; and discriminated against them except for their toil and products so to speak. Foolishly though, boozers allowed them to get away with murder while what they’ve always done is apartheid that’s traceable to their caste system. Yet, the world is calling them the biggest democracy! How so with such a stinking racist system and culture! Boozers–I don’t know if it is because of being rash, stoned or nifty–to say that colonial monsters exported their apartheid even to Africa today where they live in their cocoons under the pretext of religion. Try to take on them. All stupid boozers will be on you condemning while they’ve always been discriminated against systematically. Who’s fooling whom hither guys? It seems; boozers have awakened up from their anesthetic slumber so as to learn from Hindis and become racists themselves. Again, if you ask them; why they’re pondering on replicating the same sin; they just say that tit is always for tat; and their justice is a tooth for a tooth the same way foreign religions teach them. What’s wrong to fly a fish with its own fat? Why boozers become fair game but when they think about–forget about doing the same–are intimidated and condemned? Honestly, I don’t support retributive justice otherwise if those committing the sin first; and play better than thou, so be it. I hate racism be it by Hindis, Zungus or Swahilis. Racism is racism; there’s no good or humane racism. We need to fight it left and right by treating each other equally and equitably. I wish I’d get a Hindi girl to make a wife if racism would not have been an issue.
            Boozers seem hell-bent to emancipate themselves as they assert their presence especially in Africa. They say that Africa needs to reciprocate by sending Hindis back if they don’t change; or start watching them closely wherever they’re so that they can stop discriminating against them at home and abroad. Ironically, even those guys that colonial monsters brought and left in Africa are still discriminating against boozers despite allowing them to keep on exploiting them something colonial monsters brought them to do. Tit for tat; the govt of Hindis must be told to its face that boozers know everything. So too, it’d be shunned up till it abandons its caste apartheid that it’s always perpetrated against people with the so-called black colour be they Hindis or Swahilis.
Source: Guardian.

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