Sunday, 12 June 2016

Mugful: Spit Fire on 'em for Boozers' Sake

            Although I burn cannabis, I don’t consume dope of any type; and I’m not a dope like those who rob their own hunks. I must say it clearly from boozer’s point of view: I hate drugs and those dealing in them. Just recently, Boozers in Philippines voted a boozer president in after becoming sick and tired of corrupt politicos in the establishment. I wasn’t interested in Philippine’s politics due to the fact that this hunk is nothing compared to the US where Don Trampling has stolen thunders with his rants and raves. Soon after the new Filipino elect- president Rodrigo Durtete started spiting fire, I found myself caught in Filipino politics. The other day I was watching Durtete especially after attracting international media for his outbursts and originality.  Frankly, I like this dude particularly for his bushido, openness and fearlessness. I like him not because he’s man of braggadocios like Trampling.  No, they bod speaks his minds from his heart without forgetting his mind. He recently issued an edict that left many dazed even before being sworn in.  When he’s explaining how he’s going to deal with drugs he said, “Please feel free to call us, the police, or do it yourself if you have the gun—you have my support.” He’s telling Filipinos how to deal with drug dealers whenever they come across any of them.
            Knowing the danger of these stuffs, I mince no words when it comes to telling Dr Joni Wine Mugful to do the same to our hunk’s drug barons. Send them to purgatory before they send many young boozers to hell. When it comes to actions, Durtete’s a man of another world. Before allowing Filipinos to kill drug dealers, the dude–said during presidential campaigns–that he’ll shoot criminals. This means thus, if Bongolalaland were Philipines, all buggers behind EPA, Kagoda, UDA, Escrow and other mega scandals would be dead meat before Durtete. All those playing games with Dr Mugful by hiding and hiking sugar and other items would have already been in their graves.  I wish Mugful would take a leaf from this dude that doesn’t mince words when it comes to how to fix the hunk.
            Durtete who also is a boozer–to show; he means biz–he seriously added, “If you're still into drugs, I will kill you, don't take this as a joke. I'm not trying to make you laugh, son of a bitch, I will really kill you.” If you listen to this dude, even if you’re drunk, you’ll love him. Guess what. When it comes to sharks and big thieves in the upper echelons of power he’d this to say, “I’ll have you killed.” He said he doesn’t have any problem with small fish such as police officers who solicit bungs simply because they want to feed their families or pay medications for their sick parents. His are all those who steal not just because of the need but greed. In simple parlance, all sharks that are committing crimes in Philippines are committing hara-kiri for their own peril. Had he been in Bongolaland, the guys such mzee wa Vijidola, Lungumingumi, Kiwila Coal Mine’s big thieves, Ni Zero Kadamage Buzwagi, Hal Kitilia,  and other putas who robbed boozers big time would have already added another title of the late so and so. I still can’t just get it: why Mugful is silent on Escrew, UDA and EPA mega scandals among others.
            The other day I heard Dr Mugful complaining that his predecessor left him almost everything ghosty. If it were Durtete, he’d not complain. Instead, he’d have already thrown such a dude in the gaol so that he’d pay for his sins of letting the hunk to run on out pilot while he was globetrotting. Durtete would not appoint any of predecessors to any position or just laugh at them. His is to kill the simians without looking into their faces.
            Durtete is a hard worker like Dr Mugful. Save that the difference’s that Mugful told his nemeses not to play with their lives through sabotaging his government. When it comes to Durtete his is just give them the bullets, simple. He knows; killing criminals especially the sharks makes sense. How many innocent boozers have they already felled thanks to their criminality and greed? Live by sword, die by sword. This is a canon law that’s handed down by God her or himself. You rob boozers. Their govt robs you of your life. Just imagine. What’d you do with criminals such as those who enlisted vihiyos in degree courses or those running fake universities that rip our students off? What’d you do with the criminals that sabotage our infrastructure by constructing substandard roads or those who import expired sugar, fake medicines and other substandard items? Give them the bullet instead of biting the bullet as a hunk.
             Durtete and Mugful share one thing: They all aren’t choreographic dudes. They know no la-di-da, yada yada.
Source: Guardian, today.

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