Saturday, 9 April 2016

Dr Mugful:Boozers want our Swiss dosh back

            After the American Millennium Challenge Corp (AMCC) withdrew its pledge of furnishing the hunk with $ 700 thanks to Zenj’s mess, as a hunk, we need to think out of the box about how to bridge the gap resulting from this holier than thou mentality. Mind you. I don’t condone Zenj’s mess which’s obviously uchakachuaji; I toughly condemn. Again, why punishing boozers for the crime one wino committed to save another? Don’t donors know the culprits behind this blooper? If they don’t, I’ll tell them. Go punish Njaa Kaya and Shain but not boozers.
            Now that the twinge’s already been felt, we need to come up with creative and constructive ways of addressing and arresting the problem. Boozers, however, suggest the following:
            First, stop pointless dependency and begging while the hunk sits on immense resources such as minerals, fertile land, rivers, lakes, an ocean; and above all, boozers themselves. Why’d we depend on donors for everything as if we don’t have hands and heads?
            Secondly, make sure that the dosh putas stole and stashed in offshore banks is retrieved ASAP. Let’s start with the dosh stashed in Swiss banks. I still remember how the Swiss govt was, and still is ready, to help us to retrieve the loots. Given that Njaa Kaya and his courtier, Freddie Werema, are no longer at the helm, it is the right time to tell Dr. Joni Kanywaji Mugful to rekindle the process of claiming back the dosh from cooperative offshore firm in Panama recently led the way by exposing thieves and hypocrites who deceive their people that they’re clean while they actually are bloody thieves.
            Thirdly, arrest and have up all those that caused the blunder in Zenj so as to give a pretext to donors to withdraw their dosh. Why’d a few crooks cause such sufferings to boozers; and still be spared from facing the music? Given that these guys plundered a lot of dosh, force them to reimburse us by attacking their freedoms and dosh; simple.
            Fourthly, tell the donors to stop double standard of employing pretexts to deny boozers the dosh they robbed them through slavery and colonialism. Why’d you punish the son simply because the father offended you? The infrastructure–this dosh would build–doesn’t belong to politicos but boozers.  If the same donors shamelessly sustained freebooters like Mobutu, why can’t they sustain others? I feel like punching somebody in the face. Why? For, what seems to matter to the bloody donors is their democracy but not our good. For instance, when big-headed Uncle Tom Ben Mkapa signed bogus and exploitative contracts with the takers aka investors, donors didn’t withdraw their bloody dosh. What double standard! Is what transpired in Zenj worse than what’s been going on in the Democratic Rep of Congo (DRC), Equatorial Guinea, Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Uganda and Togo where constitutions are defecated on in order to make demigods kings through sham-voting plebiscites?
            It is terribly saddening to find that those who over and above robbed us through colonialism, and still do under neocolonialism, treating us like halfwits if not zombies. It becomes even worse finding people calling themselves men to kow tow before other men simply because they’re promised of degrading assistance without thinking out of the box. Guys, mtaendelea kuliwa hadi lini? Let’s face it. As Mugful said recently, uchumi mnao but you’re sitting on it. How did Africa live before 1884 when colonial monsters congregated in Berlin to chop and divide it like a cake? Did Africa live on handouts or aid or want donors to babysit it as it currently is? This is a question Dr Mugful needs to answer.  To avoid degrading dependency on donors, do this: Correct tax, fight corruption, practically and steadfastly, create jobs, and above all, spends wisely. I toast Dr Mugful on suspending Union Day’s extravagance and globetrotting simply because he’d be paid some per diem.  Add more Sir to see to it that you aren’t going abroad to self-dress as it used to be under three gullible and venal rules the hunk ever had. Despite being tanked-up, boozers don’t get it. How can we sit down and weep for spilled milk while we’ve so many cows? To put it in the milieu, why’d we weep for just $700 million while buggers like IpTL and others are raking in more dosh than that while we stay side and look? Why’d we holler for just $700 million while capital flight, tax evasion, bribes and other sorts of graft are sinking even bigger dosh than that? How much do our thieves have in Swiss banks not to mention in Panama, Dubai, Mauritius, London, Hong Kong, the Isle of Man, Bahamas, Cayman and Jersey?  Go ask mzee wa Vijisenti or Roast Tamu Aziz.
            To cut a long story short, please start talks with Swiss authorities to see to it that our dosh stashed there is retrieved.
Source: Guardian, April 10, 2016.

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