Monday, 7 January 2013

The hunk of high dupability!

A wise but coward frog has nary stopped complaining about seeing people coming to its well to steal and spoil its peace. They come in big numbers and draw water while the frog is just looking. Once water thieves are gone, the frog starts complaining. After finding that complaining does not knock things off, the frog changes the tune by singing, “The well and water are mine,”
Frog’s monkey business reminds me of Bongolalaland. I recently heard a section of our peaceable people of our hunk complaining about Bariki Company from the land of maple leaf for being kindly offered a fifteen-year permission to exploit gold in the hunk. I heard other complaining about illegal and economic immigrants. They said that our hunk has a lot of these guys doing even matching-guys’ business in Karikoo streets. Some are just mere shamba boys who came to the country as experts. We, too, have the guys doing, for instance, Indian cuisine otherwise referred to as expert simply because our cooks can’t cook those sorts of Indian yum yum they cook.
Again, if you imagine how many homegrown house helps these guys employ in their homes, you wonder how stupid such proposition-experts- is. Are they real experts or experts in buying their “expatriate status’ from our hyena-like officials? Those who think what I am saying is far fetched should find Chevda and ask him how he came penniless to the hunk and made billions.
Our hunk is always generous especially to its ‘guests’. Remember the guy who sold our giraffe on 24 November 2010 via KIA? Given that we've so many beasts in the wild and offices, it was the right thing. After all, who cares if animals are sold? Methinks. Those 130 animals that were sold used to eat a lot of our grasses. So, to conserve our environment, some smart las putas had to come and help us sell them.
More on Bariki, what baffles everybody is the fact that such writ comes at the time mining biz has become another way of theft by consent. Some fyatus say that our supremos receive their cut then let international economic beasts steal as please. I’m not of this view. I won’t tell why. While megalomania is going on; our hoi polloi is cascading to abject poverty at rocket speed. Sadly, we've such economic psychopaths and social paths who don’t feel guilty of whatever mess they make. The same bĂȘtes noix will go around saying that they’re in power to serve the hoi polloi while they actually are there to fill their thankless tummies.
Again, if you ask the duo namely international economic beasts and the power that-be what they've one, they’ll show you a very cheap dispensary, school or a “piece” of poor road in the community where ‘theft by consent of the biggies’ is going on. When you compute the value of the so-called investment to the community and compare it to the dosh dished out of the hunk, you feel like committing suicide. You feel like bursting with anger and frustrations. But again, who are you to doubt and question the high and mighty that have the license to do as please? Who are you to question the unquestionable? Who are you to see what the plebeians can’t see? Who are you to question the patricians of today?
Even plebeians were smart. They shook Rome when they decided to down their tools to see to it that they’re allowed to vie for magistratehood just like the patricians. Do we still have such small people with big hearts in our hunk today? Where will we get them if at all bigger guys are heartless?
Sadly though, while we squander our resources, we shamelessly go cup in hand begging from the same dudes we offer our resources! What’s wrong with us? Is it selfishness and corruption or lack of vision? This is especially true particularly to the victims of our investment. The guys in Mara dying of pollution might know what it is to have such nugatory policies. Who care about the future if it can take care of itself? Who is concerned about our environment in the future? Who bothers to think about tomorrow that never comes? He must be mad he who wastes precious time thinking about tomorrow. We need to think in terms of mshiko instead of elusive future development.
I am wondering people are hollering about BARIKI while they kept mum when Richmond sold its deal to Dowans. Where are Richmond-Dowans-Kagodamn thieves? We are told that some are among the richest guys in our God-forsaken continent! Are they rich or just thugs? Who care if such macabre investments cause power rationing which gives us chance to multiply? Who cares if our peaceable hunk is always at peace with itself and its earthlings? Who needs a goat among sheep?
Again, is there any logic in blaming BARIKI while those enhancing whatever thefts are with us? If you don’t give them a hard time who will? Go figure!
Let me tell you something. Those who hate seeing our hunk being vended should act like a wise frog. Instead of complaining, just sing. Or just behave like a wise monkey. See nothing, hear nothing, and say nothing. Thence, you’ll be happy. Again, if you truly hate whatever you think is not right, take on those doing it. “Insanity is doing the same thing, over and over again, but expecting different results,” Albert Einstein
Source" This Day Jan.8-13, 2013

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