Sunday, 12 May 2013

Is it religious cause or ignorance and poverty?

Today’s piece might seem boring. It’ll address creepy and spooky issues that miff especially at this time our hunk’s shaky facing vacuity and dirty polity.
Those who know garbology (don't confuse it with urbanology) or the study of garbage in order to get a glimpse of the lives of those who left them to know what it is. We try to dig deeper into someone past by observing his garbage. Shall our hunk collapse thanks to untoward religious bigotry which is but garbage, one day our great grandchildren will ask our leftover what went wrong and why.
Scientists agree: What we leave behind after passing on speaks volume more accurately and louder than we ever may. Today I’m trying to link our political footprint and signature to what’s currently going on as it threatens the fabrics of our nation.  There have been some terrorist attacks in our hunk. This is a hot potato by all standards.  It started in Zenj. Heartless tourists among us set ablaze the houses of God before butchering a priest and throwing acid at a sheikh. Slowly, things took a bad turn as carnage spread all over the hunk. Remember Buselesele massacre where people slaughtered one another because of slaughtering differences. While civilized world’s racing to the Mars we’re butchering each because of slaughtering!  Add a recent grenade attack in Arusha where innocent souls were hurried to meet their creator pointlessly.
I know our presider is ‘tough’. Again, time for tough it out is now to see to it that diabolic cynicism, radicalism, and blatant terrorism are rooted out of our hunk.
What we've nary understood is the fallacy of those committing these atrocities. They say they commit these crimes for the sake of their God and religion. Wanafiki wakubwa. If their God’s almighty---whose power can’t be rivaled--- how come they’re fighting for him? Don’t they see they’re turning him into a baby or something helpless that can neither defend itself nor its religion? God's not that awkward.
Seriously, what’s going on is garbage resulting from lack of stable leadership. I wonder how can goons outsmart the power that- be. Things have become worse so much so that people start to come up with conspiracy theories; one of them being that our security organs are using such occurrence to divert the attention of walalahoi. I heard this at our kanywaji the other day we’re swallowing.
Conspiracy theorists at our swallow joint expound one theorem in the form of question. Why’s it possible and easier to nab Rwakatare after one video purported to be his was posted than to apprehend the terrorists who are destabilizing our hunk?Well, they arrested 'Saudis'. Do you believe this ploy?
One boozer left us in stitches when he asked, “Why are we paying these guys we call Uhasama wa Taifa who are good at keeping tabs on guys like Rwakatare, Dr Ulimboka even Kibanda but fail to deal with terrorists?”
As we mused on such provocative question, another bibber dropped another bombshell. He said, “Guys, if you don’t know what’s going on let you know today. These terrorists who threw the grenade in the church in Arusha are not religious people but some infidels who seek attention after life proved to be harsher and harder especially at this time of ufisadi and kujuana.”
I said, pardon me sir. What? He replied. “Don’t you know our people have been beaten by this useless and hopeless life? Tumepigika vibaya bro.”
He went on, “You’re asking answers sometimes instead of asking questions. Are you wondering why your guys were able to nab Rwakatare but fail to nab terrorists?”
“Men, why don’t you want to wise up?  I hate to burst your bubbles guys. Did you believe those liars when they apprehended Rwaka in connection with terrorism? Don’t they know who actual terrorists are? Go figure.
 He kissed his bottle and went on, “To me the terrorists who cause poverty, impunity, corruption and whatnot are worse than far-fetched and day-dreamed enemies. Those causing mayhem like the one we evidenced in Arusha are the worst so to speak. Why’d we suffer because of their opium and broken hearts? Why don’t they go and terrorize those who caused their miseries instead of harming innocent paupers like them?
Though the guy had drunk like a fish when he lectured us, one thing stood out.  Will those terrorists attain their goal by killing innocent people? Do they think they’re going to wipe all 'unwanted' people on the surface of our hunk and live alone? Hither is where ignorance and copycat megalomania come in.
On the flip side, there are these who flip flop by repeat their bloopers every single day. For example, they’re warned that mihadhara are going to cause madhara but they ignored those warnings or feared to look bad. Now that the jinnee’s out of the bottle they're starting to holler and swear. Guys, stop sleeping on the wheel. Kick the asses of those 'badasses' soon so that we can go on enjoying our peace we love pieces. So too, the victims should confront their real tormentors through possible and reasonable means such as showing them the door instead of killing innocent binadams. My crystal ball tells me that if we keep on fearing to face the reality soon we’ll pay dearly. You can take this to the bank; we’re created by one God equally and nobody has ever seen him or her.  Hate or like it.  Maiming and killing won’t be a solution. Everybody must meet his obligations failure to which wakitoe. Instead of fighting one another, fight for maisha bora kwa wote but not maafa na balaa kwa wale. Let's re-enact our laws to bolt this megalomania. Full stop. 
Let me go for one Kinana (Ndovu) beer and muse even more on what to do.
Source: Thisday May 13, 2013.

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