Monday, 20 May 2013

Letter to the building facing demolition in Dar

I know. Looking at the title, many will think that kanywaji’s taken me so as to do impossible things. Not so folks. I’m trying to put life into dead things so that they can tell a story. Dead people tell no stories otherwise you resurrect them. Now you know why I’m writing to the building. Allow me to go on with my project.
Dear Indira Gandhi building,
How are you doing today?
Take note that after evidencing jealousy people striving to bring you down---demolish you, I decided to pen this epistle for your defence. I heard fyatus and gambas hollering at the top of their voice that you must be brought down. They’re saying that whatever motive they harbour aimed at saving lives! Are they saving lives! Uh-uh! Are they God?  Why didn't they save the lives of those who perished in your neighbourhood that caused you to be condemned after your sister collapsed? How can they save lives while they need to be saved from the mess of impunity? Why don’t they want to appreciate that you’re born and blossomed in their presence? If your nativity and mushrooming were against the law, why did they allow you to grow from nine floors to 16? Are they saying what they’re saying so as to attract more dosh or jumping the smoking gun of impunity and corruption?
 Looking at your beauty that ignorant and blind people take of weakness, I found myself duty bound to defend you even if it means to shed my precious blood.
They say that you’re a time bomb ticking and waiting to happen. Who’s not a bomb in this hunk of human bombs? How many irresponsible biggies are killing our earthlings? Why don’t those who want to bring you down book these criminals first?
I hate to hear charlatans allege that you’re built on unstable foundation.  If the hunk itself is built on an unstable foundation, where do they think you’d have gotten exceptional ability to do to the contrary? For you info, even the ruling outfit and its power that-be are built on impunity which is naturally delicate. 
Those conspiring to demise you must be told to their face: They’re the enemies of development.  As one cartoonist put it, don’t they know that demolishing is more expensive than building?
Try as much as you can to ignore, for instance, Ann Tibaijuka. Listen to Mecky Sayd Mecky who wants to save you. Ann needs to be awarkened. For, doesn’t know what’s going on.
 You don’t  meet standards that they don’t meet. Substandard what? Is there anything in the hunk that isn't substandard? Go to education, ministers’ degrees, ever tanking economy, votes and whatnot. Doesn't Ann know everything in this hunk is substandard uh? Go ask J4 Kawambwa. For her info, everything’s substandard including the power that appointed her. Substandard is a fashion and an in-thing in the hunk.
Rip me apart if you may. I’m thick skinned. I’ll always stand my ground and to defend you as long as your owner waters my throat with kanywaji so that I can get the guts to write what I’m writing. I don’t care if people’ll say that I’m compromised or bribed. Am I going to be the first boozer to receive kickbacks? If Mkulu can, who am I to not allow myself to be dined and wined?  Don’t think I’m alone in this game. In our hunk nobody can currently make it to anywhere without using the people of the pen aka journo to do his dirty laundry. When I look back to 2005, I feel empowered thanks to how the pen’s used to create new angels from devils. Don’t ask me more about how it happened and worked. Go ask politicians in the upper echelons of power. They’ll tell you how and what this is that it is. If you've forgotten chaps like Silva Rweye who’s penning such fabricated stuff to uplift his project which he’s its project too, go commit suttee. You don’t need to know Occam’s razor way of thinking to know this.
Common and uncommon sense dictates that under the current situation you’re not supposed to allow yourself to be brought down. Why don’t you dine and wine the high and mighty that enabled you to be born where you’re even though some say it was illegally? Is there anything illegal when money talks? Money talks clearly and loudly for everybody to hear and understand. If Anna keeps on her mikwara just go see her boss Mr. Jaka—stop there—he’ll overrule her and force her to lick her vomits. Got it? Go ahead and show her how connection pays especially in this hunk of deals.
If Anna keeps on bugging you just tell her either to go to hell or know that you’re not alone. Doesn't she see other buildings which were constructed under worse conditions than yours? Does she think you’re the one who bent the law after purchasing the right to build illegally as pleases? Now let it be clearly stated and understood.  Though generals die in bed, I’m going to team up with Mecky and see to it that she’s losing her ulaji. It seems. She doesn't know who are behind you.
As for Anna, madam prof, you goofed up when you failed to see what’s behind the curtains. Do you think you’re going to bring down my dear building to which this epistle’s aimed?  If you want to know what I mean, try to petition this case to your boss and see what he‘ll do. Do you know why bwimbiz are still a problem in this hunk? Remember Amina Chifupa? As a prof and a person who read extensively, you know what I mean. We who are privileged to teach in high oases of knowledge sometimes become more ignorant than others due to believing that we know more than others. Do we? Why didn't you know then? Next time dear Anna.
SourceL Thisday May 20, 2013.

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