Bwana Emmy Nchimbi,
Forgive me. I’m afraid. I can’t refer to you as Dr Nchimbi just like those blessing forgery do. I don’t mean that you’re not a doctor. You might be a ‘doctor’ even a fake or suspicious one. In our hunk any con man and woman can call himself or herself doctor even if the one is a quack or a typical illiterate traditional healer. You know what? Had you defended yourself at times allegations that you forged your PhD and other academic credentials surfaced; surely, I’d wholeheartedly refer to you as Dr Nchimbi. Anyway, this isn’t an issue today though it’ll surface hither and thither as we go.
I recently read your salvos as directed to the shadow minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Peter Msigwa, (Iringa Urban-CHADEMA) who named Chama Cha Mapinduzi’s Secretary General, Abdulraha Kinana and his wife in connection to the consignment of elephant tusks that were impounded in Viet Nam in 2009. Had the agility you employed on defending Kinana be applied on your own defence, it'd not have made me wonder. Anyway, who knows how much you know when it comes to syllogism?
Msigwa’s revelations irked you so much that you stood up in the holy Parliament and did Kinana’s dirty work. You pointlessly accused Msigwa of ignorance, lack of understanding and barking up the wrong tree. Your reaction left me miffed and dismayed especially when I considered your seedy behaviour as opposed to your position as the minister of Home Affairs. Did Kinana send you to defend him or you just appoint yourself to take the role of a devil’s advocate? Do you've any interest in this monkey business of robbing our hunk? Whence did you become pro bono lawyer?  Why didn't you apply the same modus operandi to defend yourself when you’re accused of forging your academic credentials that you've nary wanted to talk about? Does it mean that Kinana and his wife can’t defend themselves?
Honestly, I adore Msigwa’s courage of the mad. He minces no words. He just names names and call a spade a spade. More than once, Msigwa’s accused Kinana of illegal trading in ivory. Again, Kinana has kept mum all those times he’s accused. Does it mean he doesn't want to shed light on these allegations for fear of forcing Msigwa and others who know his dirty laundry to come up with even more damning revelations?  If I were Kinana, I‘d stand up and mount my own defence. If I were you, I’d not have allowed myself to be regarded as the protector of venality and corruption by doing Kinana’s dirty laundry. For, Kinana is not a baby that needs to be defended. His failure to defend himself creates an impression that all allegations directed at him are true.
It seems that Msigwa knows many bigwigs who rob and sabotage our hunk. For, he went a mile ahead to mention big names such as Makongoro, Sokoine, Kawawa and Khatib.
Bwana Nchimbi,
To avoid beating around the bush, this open letter aims at wanting to know why you’ve guts to defend others but at the same time you lack the same to mount your own defence. Case in point, apart from forgery allegations, there are these new ones that Mabere Marando fired recently. Marando accused you of being behind the ambush and torturing of Absalom Kibanda, the managing editor of Habari Corporation (2006) and a chair of Tanzania Editors’ Forum (TEF).
Just like forgery allegations, you’ve maintained silence! Why? Again, why did you get the muscle to defend Kinana while failing to do the same for yourself and those alleged by Marando to have conspired with you in Kibanda’s saga? For reminder, named were Riz Kikwete, Mwiguu Nchemba (Kinana’s deputy) and Jackie Zoka of TISS. Are you planning to defend these guys given that you’re tied together by Marando? When then?
You know Bwana waziri,
The other day I was perusing Bunge’s web. I came across your CV or Resume. I was shocked to learn that you did Masters and PhD simultaneously. How were you admitted into PhD program without attaining Masters all the more? I was baffled even more to learn that you did ‘your’ PhD at dubious CommonWealth Open University Ltd in 2001-2003 the same time you’re doing your Masters at Mzumbe University. I’m just curious. Can you tell me how you made this possible sir? How were you able to study for such two complicated degrees within the period of three or four years which is a short time?
My understanding’s that you can’t pursue PhD without having a healthy Master’s degree. How were you able to jump all those academic sacrosanct conditions to end up being admitted to do two degrees? What’s your GPA? I’m asking this not for the sake of intrusion into your person. It’s because GPA determines admission or otherwise of an applicant. Interestingly, I heard that you recently graduated with a PhD at Mzumbe along with another alleged forger, Diodorus Kamala. Does it mean you used to be referred to as Doctor while you actually were not? Can you provide a link to your PhD dissertation please? Methinks this will become an acid test and solve the mystery and allegations of forgery for you.
I know you’re busy. Thus, I’d avoid making a missive unnecessarily. Importantly, once you read this epistle, please use the same medium to answer just like I see leaders in civilized and developed countries do. When one writes an open letter to them, they, too, answer the same way. I’m anxiously looking forward to hearing from you just soon on how you talk about this hara-kiri you've committed.
‘Blessed be’
Nkwazi Mhango
Kwa Mfuga Mbwa
I’m just kidding. No need of dispatching the Ighondhuz to harm me. My address is a top national secret. Who wants the Ighondhuz to be dispatched to teach him a sour lesson?
Source: Thisday April 6, 2013.