Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Museveni's succession ploy hits a snag

After Joseph Kabila (DRC), Faure Eyadema (Togo) and  Ali Bongo (Gabon) inherited presidency after the demise of their fathers, Ugandan strong man Yoweri Museveni started to dream big. For long, Museveni's openly indicated that after he leaves the office of the president either his wife or son will inherit him. Again, recent opposing views and sentiments show that the Ugandan Army is not ready to be used as diapers just as the above cited example where presidency changed hands from fathers to sons. Recent warning by NRA senior official  Brig Kasyire Ggwanga that Museveni should nary attempt to impose his son may tell us what in store for post Museveni period?
Again, will Museveni give in and let Ugandans elect whoever they want to take over from him? Will the army give in or be divided on this? For more information CLICK here.

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