Friday, 17 January 2014

A Million Bucks: Bongo must learn from Ghana

When former Ghanaian Deputy Communication Minister,(above) Victoria Hammah boasted recently that she’d not leave politics till she gets one million bucks, she’s shown the door. You know what. Hammah wants and needs a million bucks in order to control others. Who are those others or people? Who knows?
 Again, when Endelea Chenga (above) aka Mzee wa Vijisenti, said that one million bucks is but peanuts, for him, nothing happened. Instead of being shown the door, Chama Cha Maulaji (CCM) awarded him the chairmanship of a strong parliamentary committee on Economy and Dosh.  Such a move was interpreted by critics as another opportunity for Chenge to mint and print even more “peanuts” and then deposit in Jersey once again. The skulduggery of protectionism aka kulinda was at work. Akili au matope? Soon boozers will turn tables on you.
Hammah’s “crime” is to contemplate about using her political position and clout to own a million bucks which, in law, is not a crime. However, such a motive can have consequences politically as it happened to Hammah. To the contrary, Chenga admitted to have robbed the bongolalalanders. If madam Hammah were a Bongolalalandan minister, she’d have been promoted to full ministerial docket so that she can make a million bucks and control people especially men. If she were a member of CcM, she’d be appointed a chair of Economic and Dosh Making parliamentary committee so that she’d realize her dream of owning money and controlling people.
Hammah was booted out after exposing her dirty linens saying that she wanted a million bucks in order to be able to control people. She was supposed to keep mum and grab the monies and control her people as pleased. Hammah’s quoted as saying, “I will not quit politics until I make one million dollars.” she added, “If you have money then you can control people." Such utterance was not only offensive for Ghanaians but also the president given that he is the human being.  It seems that Ghanaian president fears to be controlled. Maybe, just maybe, even his wife doesn't have an NGO by which she can lay hand on a million bucks and control him and other earthlings in the hunk.
What did Hammah mean? Did she mean to control everybody simply because she’d money? Though what she said amounts to provocative utterance, she was dead right. If you've money you can control people. Look at how drug barons are controlling us hoi polloi and hoity toity. Look at how fisadis are controlling us to the extent that even known ones are aspiring for presidency as if we've forgotten their crimes. Look at how some criminals have such hard neck that they commit the contempt of the court and get away with it. Do you know Bob Kisena who‘s recently all over the place for disobeying court orders? With money, you’re above all laws in naval hunks like ours.
With money you can buy anybody who’s heartless and greedy. You can buy those interested suits, cars, houses or paying for their vitegemezi school fees. You can violate and abuse them easily. For, once such beings see money, they act like tarts to see to it that they grab the same.
How many Hammahs do we have in our all-corrupted hunk? How many hyenas do we’we've who won’t leave politics until they are declared billionaires like Moody Dew G and Roast Tamu Aziz?
Methinks. Africa’s the only continent that has billionaires who still languish in politics in order to steal more. Try to imagine seeing fellas such as Bill Gate or Warren Buffet in Mjengo lobbying for their business. It can’t happen in civilized world. It is only possible in the nether world of impunity, ineptness, selfishness and myopia.
How many monkeys do we've that won’t leave politics, just like, Hammah, if they don’t get their hands on dosh so as to control people? Again, in countries with many masochistic men you don’t need to have a million bucks but beauty, soft tongue and readiness to supply bed services to those interested in your nudity and sins. So too, if you are not as brown as the beauties on the covers of beauty magazines, you just need to apply some mkorogo in order to attract those male prostitutes. Also don’t forget to conceal your age and were some stiff bras to show that your “milks are still standing”.
Jack Goodstein, in reviewing Bethany MacLean’s book All Devils are Here, says, There were those who were outright crooks. There were those who failed to do due diligence. There were those who were simply greedy. There were those who were too dumb to see what was going on.” If anything, this is what Africa’s encountering when it comes to Bongo’s foreign investments. How many Hammahs do we have in the hunk however they don’t want to boast? Isn't mzee wa Vijisenti worse than Hammah who aspires to grab a million bucks?
Source: ThisDay Jan., 17, 2013.

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