Monday, 6 January 2014

Peanut-vending billionaires in a begging hunk uh!

News that our always-begging hunk has been able to produce some billionaires can’t pass without being dissected. I read somewhere in many newspapers and websites people prodding themselves for being the citizens of the hunk that has produced billionaires.
High on the list were Reggie Mengi, Saydou Bakhressa, Roast Tamu Aziz and Moody Dew-jii. When it comes to the first two, I’ve no qualms or quarrels with them. They’re truly prominent business men. Again, for the last two, I've a lot of doubts and questions altogether.
I’m still musing about how the guy, for example, accused of engineering grand scams such as Kagoda, EPA and Richmonduli can become a billionaire while he actually’s a criminal who robbed us in the broad daylight?  Instead of being referred as a billionaire the guy’s supposed to be behind bars after his property being confiscated. How came a boy who grew up yesterday manning his dad’s suspicious business can become a billionaire overnight? I can’t just believe that such person who is still languishing in uhishimiwa in order to protect his dad’s interests and mint and print more dosh is deservedly a billionaire.
The good question one can ask is: Do these guys pay tax? Are they clean so as to meet the threshold of becoming billionaires just like in other civilized countries where paying tax is next to God’s order? Again, what does it mean for a begging hunk, just like ours, to produce billionaires while our hoi polloi are robbed every day?  Although, I’ve been ignored time and again, I still stand for my vision of asking our rulers to return back to maadili or ethics. To do so, they need to abandon the current regime of madili that are sabotaging our nation.
For me, a billionaire’s the guy that pays tax, deals with legal business transparently. And he or she doesn't rob others.
The other day I heard one guy, Prof Sossie Muongo sorry Muhongo saying that Bongolalalandan business people deserve to do peanut business but not invest in gas production. I was shocked to death to note that we still have people with such archaic hangover and carryover altogether. If the minister who answers to the title prof is such myopic, ignorant, blind and whatnot, what of the guys on the streets?  Boy, you’re in the office to make things happen not to sanifu others. If your citizens are paupers just help them instead of revering foreigners who come and plunder as pleased. Is it because they give you chochote kikubwa and kidogo or just kuabudia wageni?  Do you remember what happened with RITES’ gabacholis who came and rip us off under the pretext of investing while they actually had no coin save to scoop it from us? Again, those calling our people wauza karanga are the one who enabled these thieves to get away with our dosh! Help them the way you help your masters (investors) they’ll be able to invest in gas instead of karanga au siyo?
As I said above, the first two beside, I’d like to know the type of the business the last two do. I need to know because, if the trend of locating billionaires is going to go on unquestionably, chance are that next time we’ll hear of drug barons becoming billionaires. The other day even these thieves in cloaks we've will feature high in the list. Though we don’t want to face it, we've many con men and women, thieves and jambazis hidden behind the word of God. They rob our people under the pretext of solving their problems while they actually are aggravating them.   I wonder why the power that- be does not excoriate these thugs of whom many are now coming from neighboring countries just like those Nigerians that were nabbed in Tabata living in the country illegally. Who cares if at all everybody is busy minting and printing dosh for those who have power? Who cares if at all they are in the same bed doing the same thing? I’m told that even operesheni Kimbunga is aimed at those that are unable to be in bed with the high and mighty. The living example is what’s reported in Dodoma where one cloack- con man known as Elis-ha Muriri’s said to have raped a girl. The media said expressly that cops were protecting this foreigner.  They didn’t refute the allegations. What’d we take from this if this is the case?
In a nutshell, instead of celebrating and cachinnating for having fake billionaires, we must agitate that thugs among them be brought to books as soon as possible. The minister who seems to miss the point in his business must be told that time to serve the wananchi is now. Aggrandizing and praising swindlers simply because you’re in bed with them is uppity. Though we truly have some real billionaires, like the Swahili sage says: Kwenye msafara wa mamba na kenge wamo. There are some kenges in our billionaires. Anyways, all depends on those who are robbed. If they celebrate their own deaths, what can I do? I’ll just tell them as I’m doing. Whether they accept it or not, shauri yao. See you guys!
Source: Thisday Jan., 6, 2014.


Anonymous said...

Komredi Mhango, Please translate this article in swahili and publish it to a local Newspaper such as Tanzania Daima.

As you are full aware this language is still gongana from majority of us Tanzanians including Professor Muongo(Maji marefu.

NN Mhango said...

Thanks Anon save that sometimes papers like the one you have mentioned have a lot of discretion and horse trading. Thus it is difficult to get a famous paper to run such a piece.