Thursday, 2 January 2014


Those who cared to follow closely rape allegations against Urambo MP, Professor Juma Kapuya (CCM) were baffled by how the authorities’ cold feet in dealing with it. Kapuya’s alleged to have sexually assaulted, threatened and raped a secondary school girl who went to him seeking assistance. Whether it’s true or not, it isn't’t within our jurisdiction. Had the authorities charged Kapuya, we’d have known the truth. Those of us who believe in equality and rule of law, govt’s indifference on the saga shows how the law of land is pointlessly used serve the high and mighty as it fails the paupers.
It isn't upon us to judge others. Again, it’s our sacred responsibility to query why the authorities are denying the citizen of her right to justice that’d be seen done to all equally and according to the spirit and letter of the law of the land. Law’d apply equally regardless of the position or status of a person. It’s sad and embarrassing to note how our govt’s always made us believe that it’s there to fight impunity and criminality among which is rape that carries a heavy penalty. Just imagine. If what Kapuya’s alleged to have committed were committed by a common man on the street.  Suppose the girl Kapuya’s alleged to have raped were his daughter. Would the police have the guts to play ping pong as it’s currently whereby the victim isn't a daughter of a famous or rich person? Isn't this segregation and criminality in itself to apply law discriminatorily?
Time for the govt to put its house in order is now. It’d treat boozers equally and decently as far as their protection, security, human rights and dignity are concerned. The boozers the govt  is giving a raw deal are the ones who pay tax that pays its institutions such as police that’s paying a blind eye on this stinking scandal. I didn't expect to evidence the whole hunk pretending neither to hear nor see this injustice committed against helpless citizen who legally enjoys all rights to dignity, security, protection and well being just as any other citizen.
I really felt bad after reading news that this betrayed girl’s now going from one foreign embassy to another seeking justice that the authorities have denied her. As a hunk that aggrandizes itself to be independent and whose people are deemed equal, how do we stomach this shame of condoning criminality in the broad daylight like this? I don’t know if the girl in question sees any importance and legitimacy of the govt that can throw cold water on their face. Where are the likes of Nape Nnauye and Abdulrahaman Kinana whom we heard recently shouting at the top of their voices ‘defending’ the rights of farmers? Doesn't this girl deserve their voices?
While this hapless and helpless earthling is wondering, still faces some threats from the same suspect. He says that this hunk belongs to the high and mighty. Thus no law under the Sun can deal with him. When Kapuya issued such threats many wrongly thought that he’d be apprehended. Some thought he’s but the last kick of a dying horse.  Again, looking at how the authorities have shut doors upon the victimized girl, Kapuya’s dead right. This hunk belongs to the high and mighty that can commit crimes and get away with it as it is in this saga. Doesn’t such indifference motivate other top dogs to commit crimes as please?  After noting that they've nowhere to go, shall our earthling use mob justice as they recently did in Mwanza, will we condemn them? Is this the rule of law that our politicos promised us during election campaigns? Is this better life for all if at all some are better than others?
Suppose this girl goes before East African Court. Won’t this leave our hunk with egg on the face? Yeah. By all keeping mum, we've condoned the vice. Therefore, we’re legally as guilty as the one who actually committed the crime.
Sadly though, this isn’t the first or the last time the image of our hunk’s been tarnished.  Refer to how Dr. Steven Ulimboka and Absalom Kibanda were brutalized by known criminals and the authorities have maintained silence as if this isn't part of their business. In Ulimboka’s saga, one Ramadhan Igondhu’s identified as the leader of the gang that tortured Ulimboka. Yet, despite this damning revelation Igondhu has nary even been questioned by the police. Aren't we pointlessly creating another Rwanda whereby genocide will be between who haves and who have-nots? Refer to what transpired recently in Kanyama Magu Mwanza and Ulanga Morogoro where mob justice took place. Who’d risk thinking that unarmed citizens would fell a fully armed big wig as it recently happened? Things have changed. We need to change with them otherwise we’re forcing our hunk into chaos and anarchy. 

In sum, the power that- be must revoke Kapuya’s and other bigwigs' license to commit crimes. Otherwise Kapuya and the authorities that are shielding him should come clean now.
Source: Business Times Jan., 2, 2013.


Jaribu said...

We can't expect much from a government led by crooks and brigands. Just imagine a country taken over by bandits and one realizes it is a sad state with which Tanzania finds itself today. This episode reminds me of Mr Vijisenti, who upon mowing down an innocent pedestrian, was sentenced to fine of about $700.

The only thing this government is good at is jailing people on trumped up charges like Bsbu Seya, while real pedophiles like Kapuya are allowed to roam the streets spreading contagion. That is what happens when you elect to high office people who should not be in charge of a dog pound.

NN Mhango said...

Jaribu you are dead right. Voting crooks and brigands in is our big problem. They dupe and bribe our voters and get away with it. I still believe that our people will soon realize the mistake they are making time and again. Again, we need to shame and name these pedophiles in the broad daylight regardless what. Kapuya has the guts of threatening the girl but not all of us. Lucky enough, Kapuya is said now to be HIV+. Soon or later he'll be history. And once he kicks the bucket we'll be told that he succumbed before heart attack.

Anonymous said...

I entirely agree with Jaribu. There is no one as clean as a penguine enough to throw a stone to an owl.

NN Mhango said...

Many thanks for your comment. I am sure those supposed to heed the call have gotten it well.