Friday, 31 January 2014

Mkuya’s and Malima’s CVs smell fishy

Reading the Curricula Vitae for the newly appointed minister of Dosh, Saadia Mkuya Salimu and her deputy Adam Milima boozers smelt something fishy. I could see how they snooked after reading these CVs.  For these CVs beg many more questions than answers so to speak. What isn't clear, however, is whether the problem is the CVs themselves or the way they’re written. Looking at the inputs in the said CVs, there’s something giddy.
Essentially, the CV is a reception to our academic lives. Thus, writing it needs much care to see to it that it is written professionally and logically.  All details included in the CV are checked and crosschecked again and again to make sure that everything is spiffy. True, writing a CV can prove to be a challenge when the said CV has some fake or far-fetched items or if it is written by unqualified person. Indeed what the CV says tells the readers who the writer is academically. For, it speaks volume. It also unearths what is intended to be hidden. There are some questions that Mkuya, for instance, needs to answer in order to shun the doubts that her CV creates. Notably, among those five years from being a mere office to a commissioner of finance, two or three years namely 2008-2010) were spent on her “masters” degree which she obtained from unmentioned school. Why didn't she mention the school from which the acquired her master degree? May be the school is tired of publicity. Who knows? It doesn't want to be bugged maybe.
Now let’s delve into these two CVs commencing with Mkuya’s
Mkuya’s CVs indicates that she’s employed by Zanzibar Treasurer as an officer in 2003 the position she held up till 2006 when she became an administrative office. This is normal. What raises eyebrows is how Mkuya’s able to jump up to being appointed the commission of Finance (Zanzibar) in 2011 just after five years-it is too good to be true.  Wait. This isn't the end of this stunning story though. After obtaining her masters, in 2012, Mkuya’s appointed a Member of Parliament by President Jakaya Kikwete who went ahead appointing her deputy minister of Finance in the union government. Before long, Mkuya was appointed minister of dosh after the death of her boss. What a flying lady as far as promotions are concerned. Huyu si mtu wa kawaida. If she’s then there must be a very powerful Godfather if not a sponsor. This is Bongo. Who cares?
Going back to Mkuya’s CV it indicates that from 1997 to 1999 she studied for a Diploma in Business at, once again, the unmentioned school. As of 2000 to 2002 Mkuya studied for the second master degree from undisclosed school. Interestingly, Mkuya’s CV does indicate as to when she got her first degree which means she was doing master degree without having an undergraduate degree! Ironically, even after completing her “second degree” Mkuya was awarded a certificate but not a degree! Is this possible? Maybe it only possible in Danganyika where ministers can be accused of forgery and still be appointed not to mention those who mess the ministry of education so as to be referred to as Mizigo. Despite all such goo, the guys are appointed so that they can mess even more.
 After briefly serving Mkuya’s CV let’s peep in Malima’s
Malima’s CV is as interesting just like that of his boss is. For it indicates that Malima completed Form four in 1982. Thereafter, in 1983 Malima went to Cuba to study for master degree even before completing advanced secondary school. It only is possible for an extra genius to jump from ordinary Level to masters! Again, this is only possible in Bongolalaland where curiosity is a very foreign term as far as sieving employees or public officers. What matters is not how much one is educated by how much one is connected. If you are not connected even if you have a very strong PhD you are as good as an illiterate compared to a connected illiterate.
Yo-ho-ho!  Just like his boss, Malima’s “two master degrees”!  Interestingly, after obtaining MSc (Economics) from the university of Hauana not Havana in 1989, Malima went ahead and obtained the same degree namely MSC (Econ) from the University of London (SOAS) in 1995. Why did he study the same degree twice whereas master’s programs are flexible so as to allow a person to do masters in other areas? Who knows? Again, what Malima did is intriguing academically.
Boozers didn't show any mistrust when Malima’s appointed deputy minister of dosh just like they did for Lam Michembe. However, if Malima and Mkuya are not well cooked academically, boozers worries that dosh will be scooped for next uchakachuaji are reasonable. For, the guy the doubt will use this weakness to do his things. Maybe those who appointed the trio knew what they’re doing as far as raising money for another EPA-like exercise is concerned.
In sum, let it be said loudly that Mkuya’s and Malima’s are wanting. They've, if it were law, what we call lacunae. Without answering above-posed questions, boozers won’t differentiate them from other forgers.
Source: Business Times Jan., 31, 2014.

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