Sunday, 19 October 2014

IPTL, donors stick to your guns please

          No joke. Independent Power Tanzia Limited is fleecing boozers. Since its inception under Ruksa regime, this thing has become an ogre to boozers. Since it came into being, instead of solving power problems that’s used as a pretext of its creation, it has worsened everything especially after becoming a good conduit of robbing boozers. I recently received a dossier showing the history of this weak-willed creature dating back to 1994. Many big names feature high in this thuggery to the hunk.
          When you read this please do so inaudibly so that nobody hears you. The dossier says that the late Kig-oma Milima, Horrie Kolimba and Bill Shija were the honchos of the whole make-believe. It goes on touching on names such as Mzee Ruksa, Ben Makapa, Jake Kiquette who was then minister responsible for energy and other matters, Abdie Kigo-da, Endru Chenga, Kamazima, Jimmy Ngasongwa, Saymon Mhavile, Raph Mollel, Eddie Maoki Majogoo, Merry Ndosi, Dan son of Jonah, and many more big filches who received their cuts and vended the hunk to international and local conmen. So you can see from the list how thugs in this open sesame are well connected. Actually, they’re not only connected but they also are the powers that be.
           I recently felt relieved when one boozer informed me that donors have decided to step in to save boozers who seem to be at home with this long-time economic slayer. After our hunk suffered from chronic power cut and power hiking, donors wrongly thought that boozers would wake up from the slumber and take actions.  Sadly though, boozers are always on deck for eaters. They don’t bother with anything except their booze and other nonsensical things such as fiestas, get-togethers and merrymakings.
          After IPTL discovered that boozers are unreasonable and mad, it decided to scoop even more dosh. After metamorphosing in something next to a devil itself, it went to the Bank of Thieves and scooped over 200 grand million. For the first time this hit home so as to cause brouhahas even in mjengoni where we evidenced the govt’s chief counsel, Mura Freddie We-rema threatening to behead an MP after calling him a mandrill. Reasonable and probable people wondered how a govt chief counsel can play devil’s advocate if there wasn’t something fishy.
          After the powers that be found that the cat was out of the bag, they tried to find other flicks in order to deflect the attention of boozers. New Constitution aka constipation epic movie showcased by Sam Sixx was brought in to easy down the attention. One, Davie Kafulia, stood his ground. IPTL went to the court to seek protection against being dressed down even more. The court granted its will wee knowingly that donors were watching. Now we’re told that the hunk is likely to miss a trillion schilling simply because of protecting IPTL which seems to be a govt within another thanks to the names of its current and former bigwigs mentioned in the scandal.
          Reliable sources quoted the Permanent Secretary Ministry of Dosh, Dr Sevacius Likwe as saying, “And this comes as a result of donors demands that issues related to IPTL to be resolved first…this IPTL issue was never in our agreements.” I suppose. Yeah it was not an issue given that some bigwigs wanted to get away with murder. To boozers this is a big issue that should be addressed before being given more dosh to swindle.
          Again, looking at what donors say, the matter’s an issue. Finnish emissary Sinikka Antila had this to say, “Budget support development partners in Tanzania take the emerging IPTL case with the utmost seriousness and are carefully monitoring its development as the case involves large amounts of public funds.” Antila is dead right. How can donors keep on pumping dosh to a venal govt while this dosh is the taxes of their diligent and hardworking earthlings? Who wants to keep and feed a leech or Jennie? If boozers can donors can’t.
          If donors want Bongo forge ahead, this IPTL thing must be slayed once and for all. For, it has sucked boozers to the extent that it wants now to swallow them.  Just imagine. The thing apart from offering poor services, it contaminates and pollutes our environment. Yet it is paid millions of bucks simply because it is connected to biggies. This hunk is for boozers not their venal biggies. So donor, please stick to your guns to see to it that this monster is slayed and felled. Please donors show these goons how rash and parochial they’re. Insofar as they think they’re smart while they actually are automatons, please never make a U-turn as far as IPTL is concerned. Never allow the ape to preside over the case of the rascal. They are all the same cabal.
Source: Guardian Oct., 19, 2014.

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