Friday, 3 October 2014

TB Joshua: Fake prophets and money making

When TB Joshua’s six-storey building in Lagos Nigeria collapsed and claimed the lives of over 100  people were killed of whom many were South Africans, Joshua called this carnage martyrdom. Again, were these deaths resulting from fighting or defending religion or the deaths resulting from greedy and criminality?  Ironically, despite all these deaths, people (ignorant as they’re), still trust TB Joshua as a prophet despite all controversies behind his ministry and behaviour.
          Currently, Africa has a big number of self-made-fake prophets raking billions from ignorant believers who wrongly think that miracles can better their lives while they actually ruin them. It is even sad. Many African governments have nary bothered to probe such practices which defy logic. Is it because they, too, have their similar burdens in this game of duping paupers? One may think that after deaths were reported in Nigeria, the first thing the authorities would have done is to ban and prosecute Joshua. They didn't. As we you read, Joshua is a free man who can contemplate visiting South Africa every month. He’s a government within anther.
Despite this crime, Joshua went ahead promising to be visiting South Africa monthly to honour the death he called martyrs of religion! He was quoted by BBC as saying, “I will be travelling to South Africa to meet people from South Africa and other nations who find South Africa easier to visit, in memory of martyrs of faith.” Martyrs of faith really!”
Joshua’s move’s received with mixed feelings whereby a section of people opposed it and suggested that he be apprehended. Others urged the authorities in South Africa to deny Joshua entry while other showed a staunch belief in him.
Let’s face it. How come that people who assert to be the followers of Jesus follow anti-Christ prophets whose aim is to make money out their ignorance, needs and desperation? How can a tycoon follow Jesus while he told Zacchaeus to sell and distribute whatever he owned so as to fully and practically follow him? It is written in Luke 9:1-10 that Jesus told Zacchaeus to sell everything so that he could follow him. Jesus implied that nobody can serve two masters namely God and wealth.
          How come people are still hoodwinked in millions by false prophets while he cautioned them to be wary and aware of these prophets? It is written in Matthew 7: 15 “Watch out for false prophets. They come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ferocious wolves.” Aren't wolves amid us devouring the children of God in the name of performing miracles they've nary performed? If they ever performed any miracle is none other than extortion and telling lies.
How can Jesus, who used to be a beggar and the advocate of the poor, be associated with the current rip off done to the paupers? Will Joshua get away with murder simply because his ministry boosts Nigerian income in that six out of ten South Africans who visit Nigeria go to attend his sermons? What have the authorities in Nigeria to say vis a vis this carnage?
          Although the collapse of the TB Joshua’s synagogue might be seen as an accident, it shows how dangerous our cities have become after corrupt public officials turn a deaf ear to corrupt landlords like Joshua. How many building in African cities are waiting to collapse and kill thousands as the authorities pretend not to see it? We’re told that Joshua’s building isn't the first or the last to collapse in Nigeria.
           When such carnage occurred, President Goodluck Jonathan visited the crime scene. Instead of reprimanding Joshua he was quoted as saying, “My coming here is to express my personal condolences to Prophet Joshua, the Synagogue of All Nations and of course the bereaved families.” Can such a person tackle the problem by taking on those behind it?  Many were shocked to hear Jonathan’s sympathetic words to a person he was supposed to order to be put behind bars forthwith. Again, he didn't. Why? Was Jonathan afraid to take on Joshua for fear of losing voters from his hangers-on? Was he induced? Questions are many more than answers.  How many Jonathans who are in bed with Joshuas do we have in corrupt Africa? How many people have to die so that our rulers would wake up from the slumber they’re in?
          It is sad to note that currently, African governments have allowed witch doctors and witch pastors to turn their people into their prey wantonly while authorities stay side and look as if they are not responsible with the security of these poor creatures! How many should die for our authorities to act and put a stop to this madness and dupery?
Source: Business Times Oct., 3, 2014.

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