Monday, 27 October 2014

Why’s Mr Head mum on IPTL?

          President Jake Kiquette’s house’s on fire. The source of fire’s nothing but Independent perfidy and Thuggery Limited aka Interdependent papa and Tumbili Limited (IpTL). Donors have recently said it expressly that they’re not going to keep on pumping dosh to sinkhole aka the powers that be that don’t have any fiscal discipline. This is imperative by all standards. Again, boozers are shocked to see that the head of the same powers that be have kept mum as if this doesn’t concern him. Such silence can create a precariously wrong assumption that there’s a way he benefits from this sacrilege.
          Again, shall good donors stick to their guns, how’ll Mr Head run the hunk whose lifeline is but donors’ dosh? If I were him, I’d not cow or keep mum. Instead, I’d have already ditched those pals of mine despite what. At such a moment, survival tactics are important. If this happens, it won’t be the first or the last time Mr Biggie to have ditched his pals. Refer to what happened to his consigliore, Eddie Luwasha and Roasttamu la Aziz who wanted to cling unto political powers to no avail after Richmonduli f/o Dowans and Kagodamn s/o EPA became a thorny stuff for Mr Biggie. Mr Man, just do it again with rote, at least, to save your face despite the assumption, wrong as it might seem, that you’re part and parcel of all these ogres exploiting boozers.
          When I look at the cost of Escrew’s dosh of which swindlers screwed boozer, I smelly something fishy. Why’ve the powers that be kept mum? Is it because they’re among chief suspects of the crime? Refer to all those implicated as were unveiled by David Kafulia. The good MP named names such as Freddie We-rema, Saada Mkuyati, A Liar Kim Maswie, prof Beni Ndururu,  prof Sossie Muongo and Fleecing Muramba. Again, are these sacred cows better than all boozers whose hunk they rape wantonly and pointlessly? Where is Mr Biggie who always tells boozers that he loves them dearly?
          Let’s face it. IPTL, if is going on unabated as it is currently, it is going to throw our hunk in a Catch-22.  Boozers know that the thing was formed dubiously and illegally. They know that its capital was just 50 dollars though it illicitly claimed to have millions which it later scooped from our banks in conjunction with leechlike biggies. Donors know this too well.  We all know this, even birds do. Now what are the powers that be trying to hide if everything is but an open secret? Who wants to see his or her hunk been crucified simply because a few hard-headed creatures don’t want to carry their crosses? Is it fair for boozers to keep mum just like their head? Given that all lies and intrigues behind the creation and legalization of IPTL are out in the open, those responsible should be dealt with in order to avert the looming menace this thing might cause to our hunk. Arrest them and deliver them to Ukonga or Segerea to do their time.
          Importantly, while boozers need to bay for the blood of those bloodsuckers, they must avoid being tempted with ludicrous offers such as IPTL’s ploy of donating some dirty dosh to various organization as it was recently evidenced whereby Harbinger Set’s seen offering dosh to some dubious churches and some cops’ stations in Bongo. Such a suspect pretends to be an anthropologist. Why now after being implicated in a mega scam robbing boozers billions of dosh? Where was he before? This is unacceptable. Instead of accepting this grubby dosh, those receiving it’d ask the guy where he got it.
          If boozers keep mum or become inert, like Roasttamu la Aziz, the punk will run for a political office and get it. Once he snatches it, take it from me. He’ll become even more unbeatable just like other leeches we've in many political offices especially Mjengoni. Don’t you know the guys who are MPs not just because they've anything to offer except protecting their or their fathers’ biz? How does one mix politics and biz without facing conflict of interest?
          Now given that boozers are sick and tired of waiting to hear what their  head’s to say, and do, vis a vis IPTL, it is time to remind him that the ball’s squarely in his court. Thus, he’s to do the needful to avert the imbroglio boozers are facing. He’d declare his interest and offer leadership at this very time donors want to cleanse his house. We need to know if IPTL is the powers that be within the other.  And they’d tell us why if so? Are their some bigwigs behind this ogre? Who knows especially in Bongo where what’s done before the curtain’s totally different from what’s done behind it? Please Mr President utter at least one word boozers’ hearts will recover from the gloomy shock and malady of graft and wrong doings.
Source: Guardian Sunday.

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