Saturday, 4 October 2014

Sedition can only be committed by opponents in Bongo

When Captain Joni Kombha threatened to go to the bushes to topple the regime shall it allow Bunge Maalum la Kuula (BMK) to deliberate on three-tier system, many Chama Cha Maulaji (CcM) MPs and its honchos listening just laughed!  Ironically, even the biggies of the regime that Kombha wanted to topple kept mum as if it were a joke. If it were, it was a bad one so to speak.
When Bill Lukuvi irresponsibly said that some legionnaires would topple the same regime if three-tier system passes, once again, the tops of the regime didn’t act. Interestingly, even the flock of God to whom Lukuvi seeded these lies to, didn’t reprimand him or show any ire. How’d they if at all after his monkey biz was over he offered them some dosh? Penye udhia?  Instead of reprimanding even charging him, they applauded him as if what he’s intending to do was legal. Since sanity escaped many biggies, some connected criminals can say dangerous things and nobody descends on them. This is bad indeed. It might cause crises in the near future.
Again, when Chama cha Domokrasia na Maendeleo (CHADOMA) top Freedude Mbowe cautioned he’d organize hunk-wide demonstration to foil BMK, cops sprang into action to intimidate and interrogate him on what they misconstrued to be sedition.   When I look at how our cops act I wonder. If anything, cops sometimes commit the same crimes even graver ones than they accuse others of. Street surrounding cop’s headquarters near Posta Mpya were cordoned off as cop’s canines were unleashed to bite innocent boozers. Looking at such brutal and inhumane actions one’d think that those behind them would be brought to book. Again, how can a chimp bring a simian to book while they all are the same as far as simian biz is concerned?
Again, when boozers went to Cop’s headquarters to enjoy seeing this muscle-flexing biz and cop’s turning themselves into politicos, they’re brutalized and humiliated as if they committed any crime. Cop Po Changonjwa stole the show by turning himself and his army into a political party pointlessly. Again, no sane trailblazer reprimanded his break of the law wantonly!
I still can’t understand. How come demonstrations which are a political right are turned into sedition? What of the treasonous act and statement Kombha and Lukuvi made openly before the house? Is his rule of law or rule of raw hanky panky?
I truly still can’t get it to see double standard and abuses of power becoming an order of the day. Does it mean that our hunk’s becoming an anarchist one? How come cops are doing politics as opposed to the mother law of the hunk and our biggies are just laughing as if there’s no danger in the future? This means. If you want to commit treason and sedition, you must first join CcM and get away with the murder easily.
Methinks. Our cops need to do justice equally and judiciously for all shall they deserve any respect and trust. We pay their salaries through our taxes. Why then segregate us when it comes to serving us? I wonder. How can CcM go to bed with such madness which tends to dress it down! As far as I know after reading the signs of times nobody’ll get away with murder shall the hell we face be left to blossom? If cops think politics is what they’re good at, they’d declare openly and form their political party. What’s been going whereby cops intimidate boozers especially scribes as it recently happened, has effet marque that our cops are good members of CcM. If not all, their tops are. This is why they've always treated CcM preferentially whenever it is threatened by democratic forces of boozers. Again, will boozers be intimidated for good or it is but just the matter of time?
Given that politics has become an in-thing, I’d advise cops to form their own party and compete for political offices instead of doing both at the same time. This is illegal. I’d like to see the chair of cop political gunk Chagonjwa being teargased or brutalized the same way his boys and girls have been treating opponents. I’d like to enjoy such a show and hear Chagonjwa’s reaction after being pepper sprayed and beaten if not tortured. I’d like to see how he’d react after some of his followers are killed just like it happened to Daud Mwangosi who was butchered by cops.
Source: Guardian

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