Sunday, 12 October 2014

New Constipation: Hat off to Mdee Othman

          Dear Halima Mdee (MP) CHADEMA and Othman Masoud Othman former Zenj’s Attorney General (AG),
I'm writing this piece to wee bit celebrate your sacrifice and commitment. I do so with hope and happiness. It is boozers’ honour, recognition and appreciation of your noble cause which, essentially, is theirs.
Though what you did might be seen lightly as something any boozer can do, indeed, you’re our hero this year. You’re simply because of championing our God-given right of having a clean constitution written and enacted by us.
          Mdee’s put behind bar simply because she fulfilled her obligation, organizing demonstrations that were butchered even before seeing the light of the day. On the other hand, Othman’s summarily and unceremoniously axed simply because he stood by his profession and justice. Ironically, all those macabre acts were committed in the same month in the hunk priding itself to be democratic while it actually isn’t.
          Boozers salute you. They’re fully and totally behind you in your adventure of fighting for their rights, especially, your, unquestionable commitment and tireless efforts  to foil the so-called new constitution that’s illegally enacted and passed recently by a few self-seekers intending to secure their ulaji, and avoid being dragged before the court for the heinous crimes they committed in office.
          Though you’re victims of this plot, boozers believe, as Othman put it, truth will come forth and time will tell. Boozers aren’t waiting for the time to tell. Instead, they’re telling everybody that what’s done is wrong, immoral, illegal, and, of course, shameful, and dangerous for our hunk.
          When you’re persecuted and axed boozers asked: Were you Chama cha Maulaji (CcM) cynics would you be maltreated and humiliated like that? The answer’s obvious. CcM’s goons, sympathizers, cynics and biggies are untouchable. They’re but sacred cows that’d not be touched.  The cruelties you suffered has proved to boozers beyond doubt that you’re sacrificial lambs aimed at protecting sacred cows. Your predicaments are the results of lack of vision, leadership and sense of facing the reality for those who persecuted you.
          They may disgrace, torture, humiliate and axe you. They won’t do the same to your relenting eagerness for justice. ANC radio Umukhoto we Sizwe had one beautiful slogan on struggles. It used to say in its mantra that “There is one path, one path only. It is the path of relentless struggles.” Therefore, relent not. Nay even regret. The cause you are persecuted and maltreated for is noble. As Othman put it, time will accurately tell.
          Being ace lawyers and unwavering fighters for justice rest assured that boozers back you. Come rain, come shine. The crime you’re opposing is very obnoxious and dangerous for those espousing it save that their myopia hampers them from seeing it this way. Those who concocted it thought they’d get away with murder without a fight. Nay, alluta continua! However, we still have a long way to go, we still know our destination, justice and the felling of their fake document.
          Dear Mdee and Othman, we salute your courage and attempt to pull down the whole thing. You verily showed the difference between yourselves and hyena-like lawyers that are willingly and blindly used by greedy supremoes to rob boozers. You've paved the way for a big thing to come. You've differentiated yourselves from those used like diapers by supremoes to fill their thankless tummies. I know. Sellouts and let-downs like Freddie Were-ma won’t like my stuff. Again, this is the truth. They’re abusively used like diapers. They betray disgrace and abuse their profession. They've no ethics but only one thing, eat whatever thrown at you even if it is the fresh of your loved ones. You indeed are heroes by all standards.
Differently from the above bêtes noirs, you’re as innocent and courageous as the child who told the king that he was nude whereas other cowards couldn't except to praise all nonsensical and insane undertakings.
          I salute you on behalf of all boozers who are likely to be the dupes of the document shan't they stop it. Again, is there any logic for it to be given our consent? Why consenting to larceny and robbery of which we’re the preys? Are we such unreasonable and insane really? Nay, it can’t be boozers.
          Folks, I know you've a lot in your plate especially at these trying times. Importantly however, never back off, give in or give up.  Take it from king boozer. All boozers are behind you ready for whatever to see to it that the thing is pulled down. Dedan Kimathi once said, “Better die on your feet than living on your knees. Boozers won’t badge in this encounter. Thanks for your exemplary leadership, commitment and sacrifice fellas.
Source: Guardian Oct 12, 2014.

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