Sunday, 5 July 2015

Aspirants: Leave Mchonga alone

  • Nashukuru sana kupata nafasi hi ya kutowa heshima. Kwakweli najiona ...
          After presidency became a thingamajig for getting rich quickly, easily and by doing nothing, those seeking it use all means to get it. Recently, many sick and skinny politicians have dressed themselves down asserting that they want to do what the late father of the nation, Mwl Julius Nyerere wanted to be done. Such bankrupt aspirants need to be shown the door earlier so that boozers don’t commit suicide because of their rumpus and nuisance.
          Ironically, you’ll hear those he choked from running for presidency due to being tainted and unfit claiming that they want to fulfill Nyerere’s vision really? Dead people tell no stories.  Those who depend on the dead to justify their intents are as good as dead ideologically. This is why –to me, the late Nyerere is better than many living quacks that are trying to him to get away with murder. So, it is upon boozers to shun and punish such liars by not voting for them.
          Practically, Nyerere abhorred corruption. He always wanted people to ask those who want to become president by dishing dosh out how they made it. He, too, honestly wanted boozers to fear those spending dosh on political missions like leprosy due to the fact that the dosh they spend isn’t theirs and if it is theirs, they got it illicitly by robbing the same boozers they’re pretending to love now.
          Mzee Mchonga went on saying that those buying other are too bought. They have their masters who use them like caricatures to rob boozers shall such criminal get in power. So beware folks. For, not all who come saying they respect and love Nyerere do. They’re but pathetic warrens who want to use the dead to justify their evil and heinous intents of exploiting and vending you. Essentially, most of them are but hyenas in sheep’s clothing. Do you remember the carving aka Kinyago cha mpapure that Nyerere carried on his back and the way it let him down? Je nyinyi ni wavivu wa kufikiri?
          How will you know the liars you are supposed to fear like leprosy? Firstly, they tell lies without feeling any shame or guilty. Just imagine, for instance, those that Nyerere showed the door coming today saying that they want to fulfill his vision while they actually are the ones who felled it.
          Secondly, they try as much as they can to run away from their true history. Remember the guy whom Nyerere told that’s illicitly amassed wealth without any logical or explicable reasons? After Nyerere passed on, such a criminal is shameless standing on the pulpits saying that Nyerere wanted this and that and I am the one who can do it. Sir, go tell it the birds. We’re not such boobs to forget even what was said just yesterday. We know you. And you know yourselves even if you don’t want to face and accept it.
          The other day I heard one fibber saying, “If God allows me, I intend to enable this country to run fast and overtake our counterparts in the EAC.” Ironically, the same dude telling such lies is the one behind Richmonduli scam that robbed us billions of schillings. How can you overtake other EAC members while you sabotage our economy? Saying I can do this and that is one thing and doing it is another thing. I strongly urge boozers, first of all not to trust such a criminal and, secondly ask such a liar this question: What did you do when you’re in power? 
          The other day I heard one wino-cum-tenderfoot claiming that he fits in Nyerere’s big shoes. What an insult! How dare you while you can’t even fit in his kids’ shoes? Again, the sage has it that when a lion dies, rats can comfortably eat its hide. If anything, this is what many liars are doing –telling all sorts of lies in the name of Nyerere. Folks, we need to hear your policies as you shed light on your history instead of turning Nyerere into your make-believe policies. Nyerere did his job well and left. So, please leave him alone. If you hated him when he was alive, how could you love him posthumously?
          I salute Makongoro son of Nyerere for taking on some of the liars who want to use his father’s name to get away with murder. Remember what he said when he was declaring his candidacy? He was quoted as saying, “You will hear them say Team Lowassa, Team Membe, Team Pinda or Nchemba and the others. These teams are nothing but parties preparing how to share the national cake. To be a member of any one of these teams, you have got to have a lot of money. Those jostling to join them are those who want to make the money too.” What else do you want to hear so as to be warned of the dangers of the presidential aspirants who are hell bent to do whatever even if it means to break the laws or selling boozers to get presidency?
Source: The Guardian July 5, 2015.

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