Saturday, 25 July 2015

Kinamna: Resign or shut up

          Abdul-joyman Kinamna Gen. Sec of Chama Cha Mizengwe (CCM) is a very cagey character. Whenever he opens his mouth to speak, he does so perilously to his reputation and that of his outfit. On many occasions, this dude’s rants and raves against the powers that be sound dingy, doody and giddy. He says precarious hoo-has that insult human intelligence. One wonders: Why such a bigwig treats other Homo sapiens like beasts intellectually.  You still see him with his swagger wherever he goes adding more words that have no gravitas. Such a person can’t be left to get away with murder easily.
The other day I heard him insulting our hishimiwas saying that they blindly and myopically support all nonsense that the powers that be brought before the house. Again, one wonders: To whose advantage? Has he forgotten that when the hishimiwas gives his party hard time it calls them to Dodoma and threatens them?
I heard him in Mpwapwa saying, “The problem with many CCM members is that they are tolerant of corrupt leaders. But there are others who defend bad leaders. By doing so you are not helping your party.” He spoke as if he is not a member of CCM or the beneficiary of this nasty behaviour. To jog his mind, we need to revisit the allegations that he smuggles some ivories to Asia. Refer to the admission by the then minister for Natural Resources and Tourism Khamis Kagasheki who was quoted as saying, “This business involves rich people and politicians who have formed a very sophisticated network.” To prove how Kagasheki touched the high and the mighty, he was shown the door for blowing their cover.
Again, one wonders: If Kinamna abhors corruption, why is he still in the outfit that is renowned for being corrupt through and through? A fish and bird may fall in love but the two cannot build a home together. What is he waiting for in the party that is bankrupt and corrupt altogether?
Instead of jumping a smoking gun, Boozers would like to hear Kinamna launching his defense or making some clarifications about the allegations instead of keeping mum as he attacks our MPs not to mention misleading people. Boozers know too well that Kinamna wants to portray himself as a do-gooder amongst many political doo-doos. Again, Swahili proverb has it that if one fish rots, it rots all the others in the string.  No way, there is no way one can stay in a corrupt party and pretends to take on it. Get out of it and show who you actually are instead of double standards.
The nasty thing Kinamna does is not to think before talking. Remember when he called ministers burdens to end up swallowing his pride after his boss ignored him by retaining the same mizigo.  For a person with moral authority such a move would have warranted him to abandon the ship. Again, he didn’t. Why? He who lives in a glass house shouldn't throw stones at others.
However smart Kinamna may wrongly think he is Boozers have already known his hat tricks. When Kinamna attacked the hishimiwas one Boozer retorted, “Lao moja.” Literary they’re all the same and what Kinamna was trying to do is usanii like three cards’ conmen. Do you know what conmen known as karata tatu do? They fool lookers-on pretending they are playing cards to win while they actually are the part of the gang hell-bent to rob others through deceptions.
Boozers think that Kinamna must use right strategies and manners to ask for votes instead of fooling them as if they are androids. We’ve brains. We too, have human instincts and intellects. Sometimes, when we talk we need to make sure that there is a connection between our mouths and brains. So, too, we need to appreciate that knowing is an all-human gift but not solely ours however powerful, rich, cunning and shrewd we might think we are. So, when Mr. Kinamna speaks must appreciate the fact that we’re all endowed with this gift of intellect he wrongly uses in trying to dupe us. We’re boozers well. We are undupable so to speak. We truly know that what Kinamna is doing is but the art of deception based on self-deception that he can get away with it.
To crown it all, Kinamna left many shocked and choked when he said, “We want the tendency of transferring a person who has under performed at one place to another to stop immediately. There is no point of moving a person who has stolen from one station and send him to another; you are giving him opportunity to steal again.” Who commits such a crime resulting from nepotism and technical know who? If he were serious why didn’t he go and tell Kiquette such truth. For, he is the one who heads the govt that commits such bunkum.
Suffice it to say, Kinamna, please stop insulting our intelligence. As any bin-Adams, we’re gifted with brains that tell us that what you are doing is dupery by all definitions. Stop it please.
Source: Guardian July 26, 2015.

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Rudisha wanyama Wetu wewe
Hatukupendi duniani Hadi akhera watanzania wewe na mtoto mnauye mtoto wa nje ya Ndola Kama January
Kama kawaida yenu CCM na nyumba ndogo