Saturday, 11 July 2015

Bravo Eddy Luwasha however

     Dear Eddy Luwasha,
 Though I don’t support your bid seeking to become next president, I envy your evasive and organizational skills. If being supported by many Chama Cha Mapandikizi (CCM) bigwigs––especially regional chairs would have been the only means of appointing its flagbearer ––you’d have already clinched the ticket to faceoff with the opposition candidate. Again, things are just beginning. Bro, how did you manage to corner them so as to back you unseeingly and perilously?
I like the way you came forth asking boozers to ignore all those who say you are corrupt. Like a learned friend, you wanted them to adduce evidence vis-à-vis when, where, from whom and how much dosh you solicited. By the way, taking bribes or robbing public coffers don’t need all such legal braggadocios.  For, the political court is different from the court of law. Guess what. Even Jimmy Rugemalayer and Singasinga of escrow will say the same shall one confront them. The state of denial is a Homo sapiens’ nature. Jumping a smoking gun is a normal thing for any cornered person.
I, for one, thought you’d have shed some light on what you know about Richmonduli that’s hunted and haunted you so as to make your bid an impossible thing. The other day little bird told me that for you to get to Magogoni is as good as the camel to go through the eye of the need.
Another thing that left me in stitches is your assertion that you don’t have much dosh to soften the party regional chairs. Really? Why don’t we see paupers like that earthling from Kigoma being backed or supported by any of the same? Penye rupia kaka. You know what I mean. I don’t think that geezers like Kimdunge Ngumbaru Mwehu or Paskari Ndiyejembe could dress down on the agora without being given some mshiko. I thus, don’t think such ancient Homo sapiens are just supporting you out of true altruistic love. If you didn’t give them some dosh, there’s something they expect from you if you become prezzo. There must be something to exchange hand either by the way of promise or just stimulus. It isn’t easy for such bigwigs to dress themselves down without any motivation.
Bro, let be serious a wee bit. When are you going to shed light on Richmonduli that saw you pack and jump into water? Do you think –if there’s no way you’re implicated–would it be easy–for you–to relinquish the dear power that you’re now seeking? The other day one boozer successfully convinced me. He gave me an English adage saying that show me your friends I will tell you who you’re. Guess what. When you showered Ni Ziro Kadamage saying you’d like to have as many as of him as possible, the folk said those are your friends. So, he concluded that with such a venal and thuggish company you can’t deliver the hunk from where your pal thrust it after enacting vending politics. For him, Kadamage, Roast Tamu, Rugemalayer, Singasinga, Endelea Chenga and others are just spineless and pathetic thugs that should never be mentioned by the lips of a clean person. Whoever is bed with them is surely like them.
By the way, is your daughter still working with Bunch of Tembo aka BoT? How did you manage to get your son a job in the embassy in Bondeni sir? I just want to know so that I can send my kitegemezi abroad to the embassy. This will help me to get where to go whenever I am bored with what will be going on Bongolalaland.
Regarding your appeal that people should stop calling you fisadi, I think it very difficult given that you are the one going to them seeking urahis.  You know what. Lisemwalo kaka. You can deny as many times as possible, you can swear by land and heaven. The taint doesn’t go away so easily. If it were me, I would either pulled out from the race or divulge whatever I know about Richmonduli that seems to be the cross on your neck my dear bro. English proverb has it, “Honesty is the best policy.” You better open up. Maybe, you can salvage your tainted image. Again, shall people press on, worry not. As English proverb says, you can't always get what you want. Sometimes, we need to throw towel in when we find that things don’t work the way we expected.

Importantly, I salute your resilience save that I don’t endorse it. Sometimes we need to let go especially those things that prove to be unreachable. He who does not admit defeat is not a sportsman.
Source: Thisday July 12, 2015.

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