Saturday, 8 August 2015

Boozer predicts: Many political nuptials will hit the rock


I don’t want to mince words. I’m saying it loudly and boldly that many political marriages will hit the rock soon, especially, after Eddie Luwasa invaded the opposition. Believe ye me. The Tsunami-like shock waves will shake Bongo’s landscape. To put it in the context, the effects of Luwasa’s takeover of the opposition will reach titanic magnitude surpassing Mlemavu’s ones in 1995.
          What’d be taken serious is that this prediction is accurate however I’m not an astrologer by trade. Take it seriously. For, I’m not like the quack whom Chama cha Maulaji (CcM) used to use to threaten its opponents. I don’t want to say that I didn’t say it while I did. I know. Many people’ll blame though I don’t want you to blame me. You must blame yourselves for not taking my warnings seriously. I repeat again. If you don’t take me seriously you’ll–one day–blame yourselves while I’ll be laughing.
I know. You’ll hear this though you’ll pretend not to. When the day for reckoning comes, you’ll say the boozer said it save that we didn’t take him seriously.
 I predicted that Mzito Kabwela would be divorced to end up loitering politically. How many days did pass without the fulfillment of my prophecy? Where’s he now? I heard him recently making a goof promising boozers to divulge the names of thugs that stashed our dosh abroad without doing so. How many times shall he be humiliated? When he’s pressed to spill the beans he ended up issuing hoo-ha. If Dr. Silaha spilled the beans why didn’t Mzito do the same if he, indeed, had any evidence?
Technically, we call such politicos freebooters. There are many more than expected; and soon you’ll know them. I salute Prof Ibra Pumba for hitting the road after evidencing the conspiracy by his colleagues who willingly and unashamedly decided to get in bed with the same scoundrel they used to take on. I’m now pantiently waiting to hear what Kimdunge Ngumbaru Mwehu will do after his master crossed the Rubicon.
I now predict once again. Dr. Silaha’ll follow suit after finding that he made odd bedfellows for long without reckoning with it. Now that message sent, I comfortably predict that the good Doc’ll soon divorce his former bad bedfellows to take on other partners preferably CcM. Shall this occur–and of course–it’ll occur, the so-called UKAUA will die naturally so to speak.
Shall the good doc decide to soldier on so as to lick his vomits; the dent will become more humongous. Either way, whether he stays or leaves this unscrupulous marriage, UKAUA will go under. Believe ye me. The stars don’t favour them, especially, when they became myopic so as to look at only positive side of their new bride by ignoring the ugly one. What’ll they tell boozers regarding all criminality they hurled at Luwasa in the first place? I heard one of them saying that the shotgun marriage with Luwasa is God’s plan. Wow! Which God is this? How does one bless sins in the name of God? Methinks a man should not act like a dog that is known for licking its own vomits.
I predict once again that after the coming elections coming to an end and resulting coming out favouring CcM, many fracas will erupt so as people to end up indicted before the International Criminal Court. If Luwasa assured himself that he is the anointed one, what do you expect will happen if the verdict comes favouring his opponents? Given that there won’t be any loophole for him to try his hand once again on presidency, I’m sure he’ll end up trying to create unrest that’ll guarantee the powers that be to quash it and thus create an issue. So, those thinking that things will be spiffy need to think twice.
I’m not making this up. Looking at Luwasa’s inexorable ardour for presidency, I can tell you this: The man’ll never go under without a fight come next elections. So, CcM needs to be prepared for such an eventuality.
Sometimes back, I predicted that CcM will face a lot of hurdles among which is the desire for every bigwig to aspire to become president which resulted into Luwasa’s kerfuffle.
When I look at CHAKUDEMA and KAF, I see a very tough tussle. Now that the prof is out, who comes next? Many former MPs from Simiyu, Rukwa, Dar, and other provinces will rock the boat just soon. As for KAF, things will be so tough in Zenj where a long-time suitor who’s now getting older will cause a lot of hubbub for the fear of losing his last chance of becoming the president of Zenj. This plus Luwasa’s manoeuvres, will give CcM a heck of time technically. I predict that many power seekers will suffer a lot of heart attacks due to losing millions of dosh.
Given that I’ve not gotten some Bangi and kanywaji –for today – I’ll doff hither asking you to keep an eye on what I’ve boldly predicted.
Source: Guardian Aug., 9, 2015.

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