Sunday, 30 August 2015

Is it the beginning of the end of CCM?

          It is official now that former Big Minister Freddie Sumaye has taken hard decision. Sumaye is now out of the fold and Chama Cha Maulaji (CCM) once again is caught off guard.  Will Sumaye’s cross over shake and injury CCM? Anything is possible in this game of deceit known as politics. Given that boozers have no stake in this game of deceit, theirs is to drink heavily and smoke joint to see what will transpire after odd bedfellows abandon each other at the eleventh hour.
           I feel bad for my friend Joni Kanywaji Makomeo. I thought it would have been easier for him to claim residence in Magogoni posh mansion. What a goof!  Does it mean that those who said that CCM will die in the hands of Jake Kiquette saw the future? Who knows? Again, do you know who made such a prediction? You’ve the answer. It is me not anybody else. I saw this because I knew it and I’d see it coming. However, CCM didn’t get it. Now they are caught off guard. What’ll they do to alleviate or mitigate the looming danger? I see red. Wait a second. Let me make another prediction. Tomorrow or soon after, mzee Kimdunge Ngumbalu Mwehu will follow suit and many others I am telling you.
          What a calculated move however latent it has come! Again, does Sumaye have what it takes to tip the balance? Is the beginning of the end of CCM–at last–kicking in? Although it is early to tell, shall other bigwigs follow suit, believe ye me, this is but the end of CCM whether they like it or not. If CCM wins the coming elections without rigging, it will be a miracle. If it wins by rigging, believe ye me, some bigwigs will end up in The Hague. I am now convinced that–at last–change has come. We need to welcome it. Again, will there be any meaningful and substantial changes or just changing guards after crossing over? This imbroglio busies me the most. For, if you look at those who champion changes through crossing over and who they actually are, you end up confused. Again, do we need to keep the same kit and caboodle of swindlers in the same outfit or have they in a different one?  You know what I mean even though I am stony after swallowing and burning something.
Let me quote some nuggets from Freddie. He’s quoted as saying, “I believe Ukawa will win this year’s elections because people are fed-up with empty promises and all they need is change.” Freddie is right save that he is one of those who enacted those vices is complaining about. Will boozers take him seriously or barbecue him with his own words?  When did Freddie see the light? Is he abandoning the boat simply to revenge? Where would he be and what would he be saying had he been chosen to a CCM flagbearer? This is why I doubt if such defection will cause any danger to CCM. Essentially, some of our politicos –especially those defecting from the ruling party –have portrayed themselves as opportunists.  I am not making this up. If you read Sumaye’s reasons for defection between the lines, you’ll find that he’s defected simply because he believes “Ukawa will win.” Such a person can shake a party that’s in power for decades shall it uses his words wisely and skilfully.
          If CCM would seek my expert opinion on how to deal with Sumaye and others, I’d tell it: Don’t attack them. Just use their words. I remember. Sumaye once said that he’d defect shall CCM appoint a fisadi (Luwasha). Now that CCM didn’t why is he defecting?  Again, given that Freddie has rocked the boat, anything can happen. It is too early to tell. However, when you look at two opposing fellas, you see no difference except the dilemma for boozers. There's nobody that cares for their maslahis except using them to get into ulaji. Should we boycott the coming elections? Again, is it the beginning of the end of…” fill in the gap. Again, if the UKAUA loses to …. Or if CCM loses to …” What an aw-cum-wow situation! Should we aw or wow? Time’ll accurately tell.
Source: Thisday Aug., 30, 2015.

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