Sunday, 10 July 2016

Fighting graft: Let’s fry all fish like China

            I must make a clean breast that proposing that some criminals be hanged is not such cool, especially for the biggies who commit graft-related crimes aka Ufwisadi. I know; my pals, human rights activists can be tickled. Sweat it not pals. Whose right’s more vital than that of the other?  Some condemn death penalty even for killers! Where do we put the right of the victims of homicide?
            After getting news that one bugger’s making cool $ 3,500 to 4,000 per sec., my friend in Beijing called me. He’s baffled to learn that begging hunk like ours could coddle such a criminal. He wondered where the powers that be were. He asked if we’d a firing squad or a hangman or something to see how his hunk could help in providing us with one. I warned him that human rights don’t allow such actions. He quoted Jeremy Bentham, a renowned social reformer, saying that human rights are but “Nonsense upon Stilts.” Thus, it isn’t bad to goad for the frying of all fish involved in graft, particularly abundant sharks we’ve. If you’ve forgotten, I can jog your mind. Remember Kagoda aka Roast Tamu l’Aziz, Jimmy Rugemalayer, Singasinga Setiiii, Andy aka Vijisenti, Ni Zero Kadamage, Lungumi, Simmie Kisssssena of UdA and many more? If it were China, such buggers would have been history.
To me, criminals have never been in my good graces. If I’d my way, theirs would only be bullets if not a hangman’s noose. I hate them more than the devil itself. They kill many innocent boozers whose offices they use to rob and vend as it’s been for over 30 years since Mzee Mchonga exited power. That time, I remember; a lost friend of mine, Kim Ndayishimiye Abel’s worried; the hunk’d go to the dogs; which it did.
I used to love the West. When it started double standard behavior, I shifted to China vis-à-vis how it deals with criminals who rob the hunk.  China doesn’t pay any hoot to human rights, especially when those defended are animals. Again, I hate Chinese who poach our animals.
Those who grew up under Mzee Nchonga may remember how we used to enjoy free social services now fisadis and their abettors in power enjoy alone. At the time, China and Bongo were all socialistic hunks.  When the going got tough, both hunks shelved socialism.  The difference is however; China became an economic miracle of the world for ruthlessly taking on graft. Bongo became an economic debacle for blessing graft. Guess what, if Bongo were China scams such as EPA, Escrow, Lugumi, Kagoda, Meremeta, Mwananchi Gold, UDA and the one in which one puta was making a seven million killing per minute wouldn’t have been shelved up till the dust settles down so that boozers can–once again–forget.  I’m not making this up. Are you updated?   How if all implicated criminals are in our streets eating kukus as their victims are eating dust.
China beats us at dispensing justice. There are no sacred cows or biggies or sharks. China equally ruthlessly fries criminals. It pays no damn even if the culprit’s a president or the presidente sharing bed with the big man as it is in Africa. Remember what happened to Chairman Mao’s concubine, Jiang Qing or Madame Mao?
Though many boozers are blaming the culprit of seven million dosh, where’s the govt? Did this criminal act alone? The day we’re told he’s apprehended, President Joni Kanywaji Mugful said there were abettors in the TRA.  Since then, nothing’s ever been heard about apprehending his accomplices. What’s up? And who’s fooling whom? Mugful told us; the punk’s in good hands. Is that all? Boozers need updates to gauge if justice’s done or not. Why trusting the same crooks that allowed criminals to rob our hunk while they’re supposed to be behind bars waiting to face the music had Bongo been China. Isn’t his case going to end up just like Escrow, Kagoda, UDA, Lungumi and many more that seem to have already been swept under the carpet? Sometimes, I wonder how sane people could become insane and blind this way. So, too, I wonder to hear some complaining that those baying for the blood of criminals are saying vitu vya ovyo ovyo or nonsense, really? It pains behind imagination when nonsense is treated honourably while wisdom is turned into nonsense as it recently happened when one boozer wanted former biggies crucified.
Let’s wrap up asking Danganyika to not only swig China’s dosh. We need to emulate even its doggedness in fighting grafts so that our hunk could enjoy abundant resources it is endowed with.
Guardian: Sunday.

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