Sunday, 14 December 2014

Cancer: Is the monarch cancer free really?

          When Jake Kiquette let drop the bombshell that he concealed prostate cancer for years, boozers were shocked, upset and downcast. As he, proudly and confidently, proclaimed to the hunk that he’s now out of the woods, boozers didn't buy it. They, firstly, wanted to know the type of cancer he’s talking about.  For, my wisdom of science tells me that many cancers are incurable but manageable shall those suffering from them stop cheating themselves with awk poise.
For boozers, Jake’s exposé of being free from carcinoma of the prostate’s but big new-cum-story. Boozers got something to natter on as they nursed their hurts from endemic corruption. They went ahead asking why he concealed disease as if he isn't a mere bin-Adam made of H20, calcium and other chemicals.  As it seems, boozers didn't like it save that they’d do nothing given that the man is not a normal homo sapiens who suffers and dies. Basically, many queries were registered after the man came with his cancer gospel so as to make boozer gossip.  I heard one boozer asking as we swallowed kanywaji at our mama Cotilde’s Pub, “Now why are you telling us as if we’ll like it or it concerns us?”  The other one jibed, “Why did you conceal the disease from us yet spend our dosh on your secret malady?” One boozer’s heard saying angrily looking at me as if I were JK or one of his whiz kids. These guys are frustrated. They know. While they’re dying of curable and preventable diseases, their biggies go abroad and spend billions of dafus while allowing others to be siphoned by putas such as escrow pinches.
Pondering on boozers’ responses, and truth about cancer, especially corruption one, my foot! Whopper, you’re not cancer free. For boozers, the cancer that busies them a lot is that of corruption that you inherited from your predecessor and have turned into a generalised looting with the help of private sector criminals like Jimmy Rugemalayer and Harbinger of Sethi. The cancer’s spread under your (lack of) leadership. What are you planning to do to remove that cancer? Looking at the genealogy of the malady that dates back to ruksology and such gullible monkey biz that opened Pandora’s Box for our hunk, I bet. Man, you’re not free at all save we invent new or fictitious meaning of the world free.
Given that corruption cancer’s proved to be robust and incorrigible thanks to claiming many lives of the high and mighty, whatever’s said about being cancer free should be regarded as a droning meme. How can one be free of corruption cancer whilst the whole hunk’s the victim waiting to be buried? How can a hunk that suffers from a chronic corruption cancer assert to be free of it? Where have we put cancerous cells such as escrow, Richmond, EPA, IpTL, meremeta and others?
To be cancer free, one needs to undergo accountability chemotherapy making sure that Carcinogenesis or oncogenesis or tumorigenesis is taken care of. Our hunk with all carcinogens such as Rugemalayer, Sossiemuongoisis, tibaijikasis, harbingerisis, chengeisis and maswisis, to mention a few, can’t pride itself of being cancer free. If anything, our hunk suffers from a chronic cancer which makes it terminally ill. So, Jake needs to go to be re-examined otherwise anajilisha pepo.
Being a booze doctor who smokes cannabis sativa a lot to protect myself from corruption cancer, I can’t subscribe to ballyhoos that the man and his hunk are sleaze cancer free. I’m lucky that the Almighty God gave me the power through ganja to tell what other hate and dread to. I care less when it comes to telling the truth. I love my narrative of truth and the style boozers take it. It needs the courage of the mad to either say that one is sleaze cancer free or tell him he’s lying. I do so given that this is what I was fashioned to do when I was made a king boozer. So, please take it ease. Face it or bite the bullet admitting that the type of cancer our hunk suffers is incurable especially after proving that our monarchs are offhand and rotten.
How can one, shamelessly and proudly, assert that he’s sleaze-cancer-malignancy free? How, especially, at this point in time accountability’s a nominal thing as robbing the pauper’s normative? One’d think that our hunk’d learn something out of this criminality. Yet nay! We’re still evidencing stinky stuff being blessed or slinked under the carpet as cancer cells squeeze life out of us? With a lot of bovarism, politicians, including those behind this sacrilege, kept on feeding us the same garbage of “we’ll overcome the menace.” How if at all almost everybody’s a victim waiting to kick the bucket and be put under six feet?
Source: Guardian on Sunday. 

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