Sunday, 7 December 2014

Go tell it to the birds Muhongo

The other day I heard a good Prof Sossie Muongo, sorry, Muhongo who is also alleged to have scooped our dosh under IPTLescrow project adding pepper to injuries. He told the Hishimiwas that they’re not supposed to see gas contracts due to the fact that they contain so much smelly stuff such as kickbacks that’d force them to hit back heavily. Muongo, sorry, Muhongo’s recently quoted as saying, “Go and ask any lawyer. Go and ask any professor of Law and they will tell you the modality of implementing contracts. The PSAs are not the contracts between TPDC and investors, but they are the contracts between the government and prospective investors. And I am speaking on behalf of the government.” Bwana Waziri, go tell it to the birds. Why’d we ask Prof of law while you, the same, prof is puking making-believe stuff expected of a guy thought to be enlightened while ironically is an academic gunk as if he forged all of his credentials? If the prof you want us to ask is just like you, what do you think we’d expect? Nonsense just like that you've always given us sir?
          I wonder. Why can’t a good Prof just like you differentiate between govt biz from private one? Do you think we all are stooges and halfwits you can easily take for a ride? Mura, why don’t you want to differentiate yourself from Mura Were-ma who refused to grow and wise up? You said that the contracts are between the govt and investors. Well well, and well done. Whose govt is it? Sadly, you’re yourself an MP who landed ministerial post simply because you’re one. Is what you’re trying to do what Swahili sage calls nyani haoni nonihino lake? Remember. Once you kick the heck out of there and become a backbencher you’ll be the first to complain just like my friend Vuai Captain recently did.
          To be honest with you Mr Prof, to me, IPTL is a govt within another. Wait. If it weren't, why are all biggies of the same govt cowering and seem to kow tow before this sacrilege? Again, I’d admit. IPTL’s enslavement of biggies made me think again. Who’d believe that a good prof’d act as a super illiterate or what one commenter called a highly-learned fool?  For those who have forgotten the whole film should refer themselves to Escrow aka screw dosh that’s alleged to have scooped from the Bank of Thieves ( BoT) just recently to emulate EPa profligacy that involved even the most highly biggies in the upper echelons of power.
          Bwana Muhongo, I’m wondering if what you think is storm in teacup happens to be a tsunami. What will you do out in the cold shall this tsunami sweep you? Will you start complaining or just pretend that you've nary bullied MPs so as to take on those on the hot seat you are on now?
          Given that Mr Waziri you’re alleged to be one of the architects of Escrow, many thought you’d spend much time on coming clean on this. Again, it seems that you've treated such a huge scandal as water off duck’s back. What have you to say regarding this scam? Do you think boozers are going to forget just because you've kept mum or refused to mount your defense?  What the heck! To them, IPTL and Escrow are but sisters whose parents include you. Do you remember what PM mzee Pinder said regarding Escrow? He seems to know more than we do.           To cut a long story short, boozers are anxiously to see who’ll swallow another between these two powers that be. Rushwa kweli ni adui wa haki. It can even blind.  Otherwise a good prof would not turn himself into an illiterate.
          Off-the-cuff remarks, Mr Waziri, why have you caught called feet vis-à-vis carrying your cross after the house handed down its judgement? Do you think Jake Kiquette will save your from Waterloo this time around? Again, is it true that you carried millions of dosh in sacks, boxes and fishing nets aka kokoro that is always used in Mara to scoop all type of fish?
          I’m anxiously waiting to hear from you soon as you contemplate how to exit the scene. You don’t have to grieve but. How can you while you are allegedly making away with millions of bucks?  Cheers prof.
Source: The Guardian today.

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