Saturday, 27 December 2014

Go Tibai-juka go

Prof Annae Kajuamlo Tiba-ijuka former minister for Lands, Housing and Human hoo-ha is a very interesting character. She’s offered a whopping 1.6 billion dafus from the guy who called 75 million bucks vijipesa vya tumbaku. Such humongous  hush-hush dosh’s no a joke especially for a bint-Adam from the ever-begging-and-loaning hunk like Bongolalaland. After being cornered (linked with escrew dosh), she dashed out saying: She’s innocent! Trapped and exposed, she’s quoted as jittery saying, “I don’t see any reason for me to step down because up to now the government has not declared that I am guilty.  I will only resign if it is proven that I am guilty.” Wow! Didn't you see any culpability in receiving dirty dosh dear? Why? Does it really need a PhD in law to grasp whether you’re guilty or not madam? She says that the powers that be have nary declared her guilty as if it is the court of law. Again, boozers have already declared you guilty. Thus, you’re supposed to hit the road the day your dirty linens were exposed. Mind you. The dosh in question doesn’t belong to the govt. It belongs to the boozers who wanted you to bow down ASAP.
          To tarnish things a great deal more, Tiba added salt to injury saying, “I will not resign because the state has not declared that I was given dirty money, but I will step down if only the above management will declare that it was some of those dirty money or when I will be charged into the court of law. (Sic).” Phew! Didn't you know that the dosh you received was, and still is, dirty, PILLAGED ONE!!?? What type of PhD do you've to fail to know such simple things?
Saying that you didn't feel any guilty till the powers that be declare so was but hooey!  Saying that the dosh you received was meant for development is hogwash. How many private school owners were given the cut? What type of development is attained by looted dosh and for whom? Again, why was the dosh deposited in your personal account in lieu of school account? The dosh’s yours but it doesn't belong to the school. If it were meant for the school, it’d be wired through school account. Rightly so, you seem to be in a slumber and a state of denial. Pack it in, and vanish to stupor after messing big time. Why don't you tell us why you're given this rancid dosh and what for if you think you’re innocent?  In law, an actual doer or an accessory are all equally guilty, simple. If you think a public office’s your private one you must have goofed a big time dear. Weep not for the milk you spilled yourself thanks to your “greed for development.” Go sister go. Maybe, dosh-disher Rugemalayer’ll employ you. It was the right time for you to pack and go just like Judge Freddie Werema, who, like you, vowed to nary bow down. What happened thereafter? Instead of staying put, he ended up licking his vomit. Time for you to cascade from grace is now.
You might see no crime committed by being wired dosh for doing nothing. Again, nothing’s for free. You must have offered some services to Rugemalayer. I remember. When the scam surfaced you said that Rugemalayer’s your brother. Well. Well. Why are you the only sister that appears in the list of the bigwigs he corrupted? Are bishop Method Kilainy or/and Emmy ole Kambanene his brothers too? Prof, go tell it the birds. There’s something fishy and smelly.
Dear Prof, when you survived another scam after promising to bring down the killer building in Indians’ street and failed, boozers wanted you to hit the road. You applied Ping-Pong and survived. This you goofed. Again, how dare you call Parliamentary report mere rumours?  Isn’t this insulting the parliament, the boozers who entrusted their power in the hands of MPs even President that you forced to fire you unnecessarily?
For the person drummed to even run for the highest office in the land to land in such mud is indeed telling. Sometimes, greed, myopia and selfishness can make schooled Homo sapiens more unschooled ones. How come that escrow seems to have sunk many Profs than others? Is our education wanting or the victims are fake Profs?
Is it true that your “bro” Ruge donated the dosh to your private school? Doesn't owning a private school create conflict of interest mheshimiwa? Is real your aim development as you asserted or just using a school as a ruse to mint dosh? How many shule za kata do you have in your constituency that needs less than such dosh but you didn't even remember to offer a little to?
In sum, I bade you farewell but blame nobody except yourself. If you think you've been offended then you can sue the parliamentary committee or ask your boss to start a fresh investigation that’ll vindicate you. Otherwise, clinging into denial and far-fetched innocence won’t do you good. Again, what were you waiting for Prof?
Source: Guardian Dec., 28, 2014.

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