Thursday, 20 September 2012

A year without Gaddafi

When Nato started bombing Tripoli, unfortunately for him, former Libyan strong man Muamar Gaddafi did not foresee his fall from the grace. He started campaigning on TV for Libyans to come out and defend their beloved Tripoli. Zanga zanga or make sure you surround the rats in all corners and club them was what he said.
Essentially, Gaddafi who seemed delusional proved to have, for generations, lived out of touch so as not to know how unpopular his regime was. He seemed to labour under false information praising him tht he was the darling of Libyans whilst he actually the opposite. This time around Gaddafi goofed. He could not fool Libyans the same way he did for decades. His last hour was closing in. Had Gaddafi known, he wouldn't have vowed to thwart opposition just like rats. If anything, this gave Nato the reason it wanted to justify its move towards Libyan. It is unfortunate that Gaddafi, just like many dictators, did not learn from the fate and fall of Saddam Hussein the same way Syrian brigand hasn't gotten it. Now it is a year down the line. Gaddafi is no more though the lesson for other venal dictators is still clear. Again, will they learn? Hegel answered this question saying that what we learn from history is that men have never learned anything from it.

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Anonymous said...

tutaendelea kumkumbuka milele shujaa wetu shujaa la kiafrica.RIP MR COL.GADDAFI.