Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Forgery is boil but not goosebumps

President John Magufuli receives a report on
            Recently, Tanzania has been teetering and tottering with news revolving around chronic and systemic forgery. No news is good news. When news broke that the government would audit academic certificates and credentials for all its employees, for forgers, it was a read-it-and-weep sort of thing.  It came to pass that the government shockingly, found that about 10,000 souls were working on forged certificates, thus they lacked credentials. This number is bigger than expected and small than the real culprits. This means that, for years, the nation was losing millions if not billions of shillings to pay such half-backed employees. So, too, such an anomaly has, for many years, denied jobs to qualified jobseekers that the country has in thousands if not tens of thousands.
             Again, this noble exercise left many abhorrently dumbfounded and affronted. For, it excluded some connected politicos among who is one region nawab aka Bashiiite whose closeness to the raja seems to have worked miraculously to his advantage and the disadvantage of the raja. For, while others were weeping and gnashing teeth, the guy has gone on enjoying public yum-yum his position offers. So, too, while the forgers were grief-stricken for losing jobs and emoluments, for us with genuine credentials, it was “hooray at last this exercise has arrived!”
             Again, is this the end of the story really? Nay! We need to see all forgers being rewarded for their delinquency. They must be made to pay back through their nostrils the monies they undeservedly scooped for the entire time they were erroneously employed. Furthermore, provided that the Penal Code stipulates that whoever commits an offence be by commission or omission must be charged, they too must face the music so that we can send the right signals to those still contemplating to replicate the same offence.
            The story’s still fresh to say the least. How can it reach the apex while to some, forgery is a very stinking boil while, for others, it is but goosebumps? This is nothing but a systemic double standard resulting from systemic technical knows who. It is bad and surreal so to speak. For, our constitution clearly stipulates that we’re all equal before the law including equal in getting academic credentials; and punishing forgers. I’m not trying to be a nut-job as Don Trump would put it. Instead, I’m trying to be fair. So, those thinking I’ve lost my marbles should think again. I need; and cry for justice. This is why I’ve a big bone to pick with the whole exercise of rooting out forgers, be they big or small. A forger is a forger. He or she’s a criminal under our law regardless he’s a commoner, or a nawab. Therefore, I candidly submit that the timing and reasoning applied on hunting down forgers needs to be deconstructed if not overhauled so as to do equal justice for all.
            Time without numbers I’ve heard people complaining about the nawab in question to no avail. Again, the powers that be seem to turn a blind eye to this umbrage next to a sacrilege.
            Suffice it to say, although the noises about this consigliere are dwindling, soon such partiality will fall on its weight if common sense is to be entertained. There’s no logical reason for the raja to throw his reputation to opprobrium pointlessly. Therefore, it is not lost of me to say that the melee is offended by the ongoing antics in which some are sacred cows while others are the black sheep of the land. This hunk is our equally. We therefore must enjoy it equally.
Source: Citizen Wednesday today.

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