Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Is Trump’s move an accidental suicide?

            The news that the you-are-fired maharishi, president Donald Trump fired the Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), James Comey was not only a bombshell that tremulously caught many Americans and the world at large off guard.  Many wondered why Trump took such a an ill-advised move which is with committing hara-kiri if not seppuku for Trump.  Again, the adage has it that arrogance always bears the seeds of destruction within itself that ends up killing it.
            Comey is credited to have helped Trump to clinch US presidency in late December last year when he reopened the investigation on Trump’s competitor, Hilary Clinton just 11 days before election day which had never occurred in the history of the US.
            After dislodging Clinton, Trump showered Comey with accolades saying that he’d regained his credibility. This is after Comey had reported that the FBI was investigating team Trump vis-à-vis collusion with the Russians to distabilise and prejudice democracy in the US.
            Now that the emperor has no clothes, firing the head of the organisation that is believed to investigate the president, indeed, sans doute, Trump’s pulled the trigger that’ll put his presidency to rest shall an independent investigation to look into the matter be formed. Arguably, Trump’s move isn't only seismic but also it is tsunamically going to cause a lot of problems for Trump administration. Without pontificating, some big cheese in the US called his move Nixonian in that it is a typical replica of what former US president Richard Nixon committed by firing the leader who’s investigating him in 1973 which culminated in his impeachment. Ironically, while Comey is believed to have been investigating Trump, he, too, is under investigation in connection with why he took  an avant-garde decision against Clinton.
            The firing of Comey has received mixed feelings from those feeling hard done and those whose Comey’s unconventional decision benefited.
            Although Trump has tried to portray himself as good deal maker, this time around, he dealt a  death blow to himself by taking untenable and deeply discombobulating move to fire Comey whom on 29th October, 2016 he praised for “having a lot of guts’ by which he reopened investigation against Clinton at the eleventh hour that, by and large, hugely contributed to her loss and to Trump’s feat.
            Congressional Minority Leader Chuck Schumer called Trump’s move a “cover up” that analysts think is likely to backfire if not ricocheting. For, Schumer called for an independent investigation to be formed to look into the matter.
            Since Trump took the helm, he’s been so controversial that it becomes difficult to enumerate his hullabaloos. Some of us think he’s gone nuts. Fascinatingly, Trump said that he fired Comey for being mean to Clinton which many analysts rubbished. This caused the red mist to descend so as to cause a lot of anger to many Americans especially the pro-Clinton. Being in the cockpit of the hubbub, Trump seems to care less thinking that he’ll unscrupulously navigate US’s business the same way he’s manipulatively navigated his controversial business empire.
            Again, why did Trump fire Comey? Nobody can tell exactly why. However, knowing Comey’s “lots of guts” fearlessness and integrity, some say, Trump is afraid that Comey would repeat if not reciprocating what he did to Clinton vis-à-vis investigation allegation that there were Russian collusion in tilting the results of the last year elections.  
             Now the die is cast. Again, how’ll this imbroglio end? Who knows? Maybe, just maybe,  it’ll end with Trump proving right Allan Litchman, the guy who  rightly foretold his victory as well as his fall from grace after being impeached. Will it avert what Harry  C. Blaney who called Trump a “mortal danger for the US and the world”? Who knows? Is the danger getting too close?

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