Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Handcuffed President: Fall from Grace

When former South Korean president  Park Geun-hye allowed her office to be used by a close friend as a money minting and printing factory, she did not know that, in the end, her end would be unceremoniously ridiculous at it turned out to be. Now that her dirt linens are in the agora, Geun-hye is behind bars waiting for the court of law to decide her fate. The following photos shows her in cuffs as she appears before the judge. If convicted, Geun-hey, may spend the lest of her life behind bars. Had she been an African president, she would have been enjoying the yum yum that power offers. Nobody would bother her simply because she is the member of  the class of a few sacred cows. What a turn of events! When will Africa decorate corrupt rulers with hand cuffs given that it has a lot of them either in office or retirement.

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