Sunday, 24 March 2013

Kibanda cry not my friend

Today I'm writing to my friend Absalom Kibanda who's recently sacrificed. Yes, he's sacrificed by those supposed to guard and protect him as the constitution stipulates. Indeed, the power that -be can’t escape my condemnation especially after it proved to sleep on the wheel. Do they think we've forgotten their conspiracy? Yes, their conspiracy, especially, when Dr. Steve Ulimboka named names openly. Where're the implicated braggarts hiding themselves behind the corridors of power? We know their names even their faces. They're called big and good names such as Usalama wa Taifa while they actually are criminals. Usalama wa taifa or Uhasama wa Taifa? Shame on them and may they perish!
Kibanda my friend,
This ode's for you. I know you're bedridden in a foreign land. Again, I'm happy to pen an ode in lieu of a dirge. Thank Lord. You're alive however sick and frail. I'm happy that you can read this ode however difficult it might be for you to do so. My sympathy's that cry not my friend.
Kibanda my friend cry not. God's not Nkwazi. I'm sure he'll reward you even by torturing if not punishing those putas who gouged your eye. Do you know what putas are? Simple, they’re buggers or men who are not men enough. If they're men enough they’d not have accepted to be used by other big criminals to harm innocent creatures like you. If they're true and real men they’d not have waylaid you under the blanket of the night. They’d have faced you. Cry not my friend. Instead, pray that sheep wake up and fight hyenas devouring them using their own power.
My friend Kibanda,
Don’t be deceived by crocodile tears and fake sympathy and smiles some perpetrators of this heinous act show you. They're but hyenas in a sheepskin. Trust them not. I f you can abhor them and their fake smiles and pole-sana-bwana-Kibanda litanies deny them entry in your room. All hypocrites have such signs. They always are quick to act. They cry more than those who lost their beloved ones. You'll know them when they come to your hospital bed to wish you well while at heart they wish you shouldn't have seen the light of the day. This is why I'm telling you my friend. Don’t cry. Pray that tables be turned against those killers and torturers who think they’ll deceive us forever. They may for sometimes but not all times. They may for a while but not always. If they can deceive us they can’t do the same to God.
Kibanda my friend,
Cry not for the eye that you lost. Cry for the hunk that's insecure; the one that rewards criminals. Cry for the hunk where impunity and impurity have become the order of the day. Cry for the vision of hunk. Cry for not losing eye in an accident. Cry not my friend. Pray that those behind your predicament get a hundred times of what they caused you. Pray my friend. Pray for your nation. Pray that light shine on us so much so that we can kick the asses of the beasts of the dark. Cry my friend for us not for yourself. Cry for a noble profession human hyenas have turned into a money making stuff like tomatoes. Cry for the integrity of the hunk. Let your tears and sacrifice become the catalyst for changes and justice. Cry that no more journo should be silenced, tortured, mimed, degraded, humiliated, bought or killed. Pray my friend.
Though those who tortured you think are not known, even the birds know them. They are known save that those charged with the duty don't want to bring them to book. You know why? They'll spill beans. They’ll openly say they were hired; killers for hire. They're hellbent hired killers who hide themselves under the dark of the night. Those are SOBs, Coward and dastard of course. Even those who hire and pay them are cowards and bastards that must be punished by the melee of our people. Do they think they're going keep on getting away with it? We boozers have decided enough is enough. We’ll take on them the same way mob justice takes on vibaka. It is time for mibaka like those behind your predicament.
Another nugget of wisdom, don’t ask protection from them. They’ll surely finish you. Trust nobody even those pretending to sympathize with you. Curse and ignore those who swear to see to it that justice's done for you. For them justice's their survival. Their justice's to deprive others justice. Don’t expect justice from bĂȘte noix like them. Do you think a pig can produce perfume or odor? You know the answer. Don’t buy a pig in a poke. If you can, please stay there. Come not back. They’ll finish you believe me. Ignore all those calls of justice. If they got you when you're able, what'll happen when you're unable? Think about this my friend. You know me I know you. Heed my wisdom and survive. God enabled to survive this first attack. Don’t wait for the second. Our hunk's become the hunk of criminals, killers and liars. Never listen to their sweet lies. Stay where you're for your survival.
Source: The Guardian Sunday 24, 2013.

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