Monday, 4 March 2013

We wish Kenyans very peaceful elections

Thanks to what tragically transpired in 2007-08 in Kenya. This blog wishes Kenyans very peaceful, free and fair, and above all, successful elections. We strongly believe that the voice of Kenyans will be respected. Again, due to international well being and sound cooperation, we believe Kenyans will vote in a man of integrity  They will shy away from maintaining the status quo bearing in mind that Kenya is not an island.
Therefore suffice to say that Kenyans won't vote sympathetically especially to those facing charges before ICC.
Though it the right and responsibility of Kenyans to vote for the person or team they have confidence in, this should go concurrently with international expectations as far as cooperation is concerned.
Kenyans must see to it that these elections are directing them to a positive direction as opposed to what transpired five years ago when Kenyans turned against one another unnecessarily. Never again Kenyans should say. Never shall PEV be returned.
Long live Kenya
Long live democracy
Long live peace
Blessed be.

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