Monday, 25 March 2013

Mr. Membe, please help me on this scam

Seriously, I was recently admitted at Waliwao hospital where I spent days after a heart attack. I blame all on the Ministry that does strange things of rewarding thieves. During my stint in the Hospital, my worries were that if this goes on unabated chances are even my wife’s going to be stolen by these guys who seem to be above the law. Trust me. They don’t only steal dosh but also good-looking bin-Adam especially skirt wearers.
It came to light that some connected swindlers attempted to rob a begging hunk of a cool three billion schillings pretending that such humongous amount’s spent on one of Presider Jake Kiquette’s unending foreign trips he makes regularly. Do these guys respect Mr. President really? In law, this is a punishable but not pardonable crime. Again, is this their first time we’re robbed using Mr. Kiquette’s monotonous globetrotting? Interestingly, even Mr. President’s office didn't see this disregard to its boss! Who cares if the king’s entitled to spend tax payers’ money as he deems fit? The king and the queens, princes and princesses can spend as they like given that tax payers are there to foot the bill.
Don’t think I’m a faint-hearted creature. Nay! I’m stronger than those you regard stronger for they rip you off. Again, when I remember all rip offs our hunk’s always suffered, my heartbeats fall tremendously. Try to step in my shoes especially at the time I don’t have kanywaji to calm me down. Do you think it is easy to forget and forgive humungous theft such as EPA, Richmond, Meremeta, Mwananchi Gold, IPTL, Songas, Dowans and its Kagadom and many more others? If you can stomach such blows you must be madder or stupider than me. What makes me mad is the fact that corrupt guys and powerful ones augment one another to play their brain games on us. How dare they say that they demoted and reprimanded thieves caught red handed if not pant down?
Interestingly, the source named names of those behind this broad light profligacy. Ambassador Tony Itatiro’s name featured high. News had it that, instead of bringing these guys to book, they’re ‘promoted’ and reminded to be smart next time they plunder. Ask yourself. Had they been vibaka or wezi wa kuku would they be treated generously this way? Who’s fooling who in this law breaking game in the name of enforcing it? Are we evidencing a monkey’s case being presided over by another monkey? Does it mean the bigwigs of the ministry don’t know law? Since when did the ministry of Foreign Affairs become unconstitutional part of judiciary? What will our courts do if this is the practice? Where's PCCB that, for boozers, turned out to be a mega-theft-condoning agent that only deals with petty theft? Shockingly, you’ll see these thieves driving expensive toys and live in mansions. You’ll think they’re smart little knowing are but thieves.
Had I had a chance to see Hon. Ben Membe my question would be: Boy, where do you get the guts to commit such sacrilege? Even birds, however smaller their brains are, won’t attempt, forget about, committing it. For, rewarding thieves motivates others to steal even more knowingly won’t be punished.
Another shocker that made me succumb to heart attack’s when presider Jake Kiquette schmoozed with Tanzania Nursing and Midwifery Council (TNMC). He urged TNMC to bring to book all those alleged to have forged certificates. He said that the culprits must be heavily punished. Well done Jake, however, forgery’s not only done by TNMC alone. How if at all he failed to fire ministers in his backyard accused of the same sin? Who are those that Kiquette wants tried? In case Mr. President has forgotten, ministers alleged to have forged their academic credentials are Bill Lukuvi, Merry Nagu, Makorongo Mahanga, Emmy Nchimbi, Matthew Matthew and Ambassador Diodurus Kamala.
The move to take on forgers by Jake Kiquette reminds of the epic tale between a hare and a hyena. These two beastly friends faced one hurdle during the famine. At this very time the hare told the hyena to kill and eat his mom he’s unable to feed to avoid complaints the mother made. Unreasonable as the hyena was, went on killing its mother while the hare hid its mother. Once the famine was over, the hyena had a shock of its life to find that the hare actually didn't kill and eat its mother. Again, in this horribly corrupt hunk that’s ready to offer his or her mother? Surely, it is better said than done. You can’t hide ministers accused of forgery yet argue others to crucify dagaa in this matter. Importantly, this shouldn't be taken as condoning wrong doing. If we’re seriously sincere as we’d like to be perceived,  we must make sure that we won't leave no stone unturned .
We boozers have one principle: When another boozer tells  you to go home and teach your wife a lesson, you listen keenly and thereafter spit aside to signify how you've ignored his good advice.
Nurses’ forgery does not harm our hunk at the same magnitude like that of high and mighty. The untouchables don’t only forge their certificates but also enter multi-billion contracts with thievish investors. If anything, this is a very good source of our destitution as a hunk so to speak. Refer to a strange way by the Ministry of Affairs to reward thieves instead of suing them. Mr. Membe, please help me on this sacrilege.
Source: Thisday March 26, 2013.

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