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'Presidente' Salma is at it again!

H.E 'Presidente' Salma Jakaya Kikwete (R) listening to Rukwa RC,  Eng. Stella Manyanya (L) when presenting report (Photo Courtesy).

When H.E Presidente Salma Jake Kiquette’s received like her husband in AR, I penned a piece, “When first lady’s treated like her man!” She’s at it again! Where did it happen? Wait. Truly, this time she dwarfed all her turgidity.
First, I wanted to call this piece: Resetting our mindsets. My own mind, resented: What are you getting yourself into? I, thus, changed my mind though not my mindset.
Guess what. I didn't know that even beasts face power abuses.
Believe me. I attended birds’ kitchen party, and later, snakes’ honey moon. Some were complaining that other beasts exploit others. The brides on these occasions were the daughters of rich beasts that used their parents’ power abusively.
As I evidenced such unique occasions, my wench, sorry, wife sent me attractive pics that made me tick and write this about impossible and unthinkable made possible.
Seriously, I love, respect, deify and adore presidente Sal especially her way of doing things under her husband’s ulaji. I adore her humble beginning and her awe-inspiring climax.
The snaps showed Eng. Stella Matomatoes (Rukua RC) meekly kneeling as she presented health report to H.E presidente Sal J. Kiquette on Feb. 25th. How can such a humble creature become a heavy hitter? The question hovered over my small brain. Honestly, I didn't get it. How could such highly educated lady--- an engineer who studied tough stuff--- dress herself down--- sorry, do such a wonderful thing--- before another oddity with such finicky know how? Is it because she shares bed with boss? To crown it all, even the good regional chief physician, Dr Guri Richard repeated the same--- kow tow. True, every Fred Marcos has Imelda behind him!
Again, one question came to my mind: Njaa siyo? Why don’t many eagle eyes see what I see especially when the highest office’s pointlessly violated? I’m wondering. How many winos do or are we to have if every hubby or wifey allows his or her spouse to unconstitutionally capitalize on and abuse his or her power? Before long, I got the answers. At one of our kanjwaji sessions one bibber once suggested that the dog of the king must be the king of all dogs. Another added that the shoe of the king is the king of all shoes.
Further, I heard some fyatus questioning the rationale of an educated person to put him or herself on lean just because of filling the stomach. Is it masaburi at work? “Again, who advise these guys?” One bibber asked as others grappled with this impunity. I told him to stop wivu wa kike.
I’m not making this up. When what detractors call sacrilege occurred I heard birds complaining that this is too much and too dangerous to wink at. I simply told them to mind their biz. Kutesa kwa zamu or call it eating by turns if not enjoying.
Our hunk’s full of spoilers. I heard another tripper asking why simple beasts with small brains and craniums, see it but humans, though, not all, can’t see it? Why winos abuse power time and again and those who own power don’t take any action? Who’ll help them to appreciate the fact that power is a mere dress anybody can put on if the owners decide?”
Methinks the above take’s wrong and misguiding. I’m not one of those who believe that political power belongs to the hoi polloi. If it were so, I’d ask: Why boozers regard power as their God-endowed right. Sal and Jake and Anna and Ben, are we reading from the same page?
My duty’s write the questions bibbers kept asking. One asked, “Why people regarded as elite do things even a mere swallower can’t attempt, leave alone, do?” He’s referring to Rukua hanky panky. Again, what to expect where madili replaced maadili?
Seriously, presidente Salma’s helping tax payers to get a good deal. She inspects various projects and solicits money from donors. Don’t ask how much she spends in her trips or what she puts in her private accounts. She spends the said money on developmental projects such as Wanamama na Mafanikio literally development for women. Is this bad really? When I raised this issue I saw one bibber frowning as if he’d eat me. He chipped in, “There’s no development; how come they form these “Ngo-companies” after their spouses come to power?” He added, “This is theft by consent.” Given that I love and respect Sal, I thought of teaching him a lesson. Again, I restrained myself knowingly how I’d kill the guy I love to drink with. I forgave him the sane way the Bongolalalanders do to those robbing them in the name of power.
Today’s wisdom comes from two former first ladies under two dictators in Philippines and Argentine respectively. “I am First Lady by accident. I was not elected by the people but here I am.” Imelda Marcos. “In government, one actress is enough.” Eva Peron. Imelda meant to show that people’s power can be abused and usurped by a few individuals and their families and friends. While Eva meant that nobody should rise above her except her man.
For bookworms, remember George Orwell’s book, Animal Farm (p.45). Let’s read together the fourth commandment, “No animal will sleep in a bed with sheets,” Again, those closer to the barn owner can share their power and sleep in bed with sheets. Commandment number seven says, “Four legs good, two legs bad.” Go on. Say. All ‘humans’ are enemies but ‘animals’ are comrades.
Long live ‘powermill.’
Long live ‘animal farm.’
Source: ThisDay  March 4-10, 2013.

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