Monday, 11 March 2013

Well done Dr. “Shuchool” Kawambwa!

Dr. Shukuruni Kawambwa,
When I heard poopers baying for your blood, I felt sorry for ‘you’, our education system, our hunk and its future. They egged you on culling yourself after Form Fail students failed massively. Who are they? Did they think Mr Presider will roast you while he’s at home with the way you jazz education up? Don’t they know: Power in our timocracy isn't anything but the only thing?
Well done for hitting back and openly telling them that you can’t resign and doing so won’t solve the problem. Again, is your stay a solution? One may ask.
Given that cutups didn't go to academics, can’t get it. Essentially, what happened is: Our schools performed well at the tune of 60%. What isn't underscored is: The failures in Form ‘Failure’ exams was caused by paupers’ kids who weren't enrolled in academics and international schools. Is this your fault really? Who prevented paupers from enrolling their kids in good schools? Were they duped by shule za kata? Again, if paupers’ kids perform well, what will the kids of rich (who spend a lot of dosh educating them abroad) do? Do they think we’ll allow their kids to rule with our kids? A little birdie told me that paupers’ kids must be ruled by those of the rich. And this is God-given order that must be respected by all. Don’t they see the likes of Nchimbiis, Makambaas, Mwinyiis, Kikwetees, Mahitaas, Kahamaas, Malimaas, Lowassaas and whatnot?
True, I heard you saying, "It should also be noted schools which performed well have favourable learning environment and enough teachers," This means. You urged parents to enroll their kids in good schools in lieu of shule za vichochoroni. Why paupers are hollering at you as if your kids and the likes are victims? They're to blame for allowing you to discretionary use their taxes to send your vitegemezi abroad or to schools 'with favourable-learning environment and enough teachers.'
Further, given that rich kids don’t attend bush schools, why should you resign? Again, our hunk’s more educated people than it needs. Who wants a whole—super-duper-educated hunk that becomes harder to exploit and man?
I understand. In our hunk, good performance’s nary been a big deal. If somebody fails in class, it doesn't mean he’s failed in life. After all, if you perform poorly, why don’t you buy a fake certificate or forge a degree just like those ministers I know? Who can kill a sacred cow? Aren't they in public offices minting and printing dosh despite all brouhahas about being fired and tried? What do you expect when baboon’s case is presided over by another baboon? Hell no!
Doc, I honestly adore the way you act up. For, history’s it. Wherever you’re placed, fyatus become itchy. Those who remember your stint at the ministries of Science, Communication and Technology and Infrastructure Development can see the carryover of your performance. Don’t they know that in our hunk resigning’s nary been something honourable for anybody to do? Will Mr Presider cook homeboy’s goose? My foot!
Though spoilers are blaming everything on you, the truth is: Students failed due to kiherehere. Methinks we've to remind everybody: Modern kids don't have to study. They must spend much time on reading Udaku stuff and watch Television. Blame Better Life for All. Currently, almost everybody‘s a mobile phone which kids use for sextexting. They, too, watch TV till their eyes need goggles. So who’s to blame hither?
No time in my life I laughed like the day Jimmy Mbatia (MP) brought his ‘laughing stock’ averring that our education needs to be tweaked. To prove it was hoo-ha, dame Speaker felled the motion. Who wants to be perceived a Trojan horse that ruins her mtandao or outfit? Bravo CCM’s MPs who supported her.
By the way, who expected good performance from poorly remunerated teachers or from schools with no equipment? Better performance in the hunk where politics and impunity pay more than hard work! Uh-uh! If anything, this, among others, is the product of tuition in everything. When education became a commodity quality went under. If I were you, I’d urge poor parents to find some schools abroad.
Mr Kawambwa, I envy your courage of the mad especially when you said that you’re intending to take actions against students who used abusive language. You’re right. How can kids, for instance, attack MPs alleging that the Holy Mjengo’s been turned into Kijiwe? This is unacceptable. Better for them to fail and applaud than writing such abuses to the high and mighty. Even though what kids wrote might hold water, who allowed them to say such things? In a hunk of Ndiyo mzee, nobody’s allowed to tell truth especially when it does not sit well with the high and mighty as it is in this case.
Mr Waziri, I've a nugget for you. To avoid being told to do the right thing--- resign--- please, make sure you tell the examiners to avoid setting harder exams in the future. Instead of forcing kids to read novels such as Things Fall Apart, The Black Hermit and whatnot, they’d read Udaku Tabloids and answer related questions. Believe me. This way, they’ll performer miraculously.
Importantly, if you think education’s expensive, try ignorance. Spooky! Go Kawambwa go. You've egg on your face.
Jokes aside,our arch foe is the one who destroys the brains of our kids which means our future! Our democracy’s failed. It is but 'demockerycy' full of mockery.
Source: This Day March 11-16, 2013.

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