Sunday, 4 January 2015

Does the hunk belong to IPTL too?

            They year 2014 lapsed as boozers are still pondering on unbelievable, unthinkable, and unacceptable answers biggie Jake Kiquette offered in dealing with escrow theft. When Jake said that the hotly disputed dosh in escrow scam belongs to IpTL I jumped just like a person nibbled by a scorpion in the underpants. Again, the guy wasn’t joking. He’s showing, where he belongs in this enmeshment that turned our hunk into the backwater in the region. Call it shamba la chizi.  Openly and loudly, boozers still say: This is unfair and scandalous. Cranks, as one may think, boozers know it all.  You don’t need to know the science of the golden number to decipher whose dosh escrow is however Mr Biggie maintains the dosh belonged to IpTL pointlessly. Nothing left boozers baffled like hearing the man himself saying that the dosh escrow thieves stole belonged to IpTL.
            In Biggie’s parlance, what the heshimiwa referred to as theft isn't. It was as if he’s hitting hard, hard under the belt. Those who studied syllogism will agree with us the some facts depend on others while one fact leads to another so as to make logic. If escrow dosh belongs to IpTL the hunk too belongs to it. And this is when things start to get murkier. This is so infantasmal for many. Maybe, looking at this phantasmagoria this way is a step too far. Again, is there any skeleton in the closet that Mr Biggie wants to keep secret? Will boozers decode this simian biz and do something? Will they keep on looking up to donors to do their show or step in and stop this sort of hanky panky biz?
            Boozers wrongly thought Jake’d seize the momento and do the right thing but. They’re not satisfied with how he dealt with escrew he simply treated like a storm in teacup while it actually is the Tsunami in the future shall boozers face reality that they need to do something to emancipate themselves and their hunk. They evidenced the unfolding of the whole scandal in a blow-by-blow basis. They too know the whole malingering and political jaywalking Jake applied during the process so as to offer some herrings as he spared sharks. With his gospel of peace backed by the cantata from Dar elders, Jake got away with murder by offering his sacrificial lamb in  Annae Tibaijuka. This is telling though we can ignore it and pay a terrible price later. Similarly, let it be known that I said that Pat Rutabanzibwa’s employed by Rugemalayer. This isn't true. The gent is the chair of PanAfrica Energy Ltd but not PAP Harbinger.
            Bongo is evidencing the Pinnacle of corruption of the current regime whose eradication must be championed by the victims. This is the only panacea dead deep in the abyss of corruption.
            They evidenced the competition between need and greed. Boozer thought that those who apply greed and ignore the need of the hunk would enjoy a slumber in a slammer. Again, if the dosh belonged to IpTL whose proprietors and owners though controversial as they always are, can super Biggie answer the following simple questions? Firstly, why then fire Tibaijuka and for what? Secondly, is it because of secretly accepting dosh behind your back from JR?  But you declare that the money in escrow 'belongs to PAP'. So, what did she do that was wrong? Why sack her?
4. OR, if you sack her, why don't you sack Andy Chenge, who also received 1.6 billion from the same source?
            True, I was shocked to see Danganyikans going wild as they cheered wildly as Anna was shown the door. Had they known that they’re but sheep and Anna a lamb, they’d have wept and tore their clothes so as to wear sacks and smear ash themselves to mourn their future. Again, why should they painstakingly do so while they are so easily manipulated by these scoundrels and their spin doctors? They deserve all we get. 
            To remind ourselves: the main issues are: (1) the theft of 400 billion shs from BOT by Harbinder, and (2) the theft of the IPTL plant by same Harbinder. (3) Thereafter, comes James as the original architect of the whole IPTL scam. The plant is still working; he is still minting and printing dosh while boozers are suffering from his art of deception! The crackdown will follow unless (or especially if?!) there is mass protest.
            In sum, if truly the dosh in dispute belongs to IpTL, well, even EPA and Richmond dosh belonged to those who stole it. So what the powers need to do is apologize and move forward. Again, if we face, the dosh belongs to paupers and whoever who says otherwise is a bloody goon-cum-thief be he big or small. This is the truth according to boozers. To reverse things, boozers need to take to the streets. Given that Mr super Biggies is in his home straight, it is easier to foil is lala salama hat trick aimed at making even more dosh for retirement. Boozers, what are you waiting if everything is possible and easier especially at this moment of truth for both you and your tormentors? What an ace in the hole!
Source: Guardian Jan., 4, 2015.

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