Saturday, 10 January 2015

Let’s make 2015 year of change

     I can clearly see. Someone’s holding breath thinking I’m going to drop a bombshell, predict what’ll transpire in this year after the past one saw the hunk off form. Please separate me from quacks pretending to see the future. If they can, why didn't they warn of IPtL wanton robbery?  Wait. I’m told that a nine figure rip-off in gas pipe’s coming. Pilfers want to make dosh. The golden rule is: Those with the gold make the rule. In Bongolalaland, those with the dosh, however dirty it is, rule.
 By and large, 2014 saw rampant corruption, nihilism and ineptness of the powers that be. Put it this way, 2014’ll be evoked for biggies showing us their true self in profligacy. They stripped themselves clean. It’s the year accomplices accomplished nothing but protection. As they exposed each other through bank transactions, our hunk went through a rough patch as usual. Nobody bothered save the biggies to save their comrades in crimes. Muongo, Andy Chenga, Saada Mkuyati, Ben Ndururu, Fleece-nchi Mrambaramba and others know this too well as legatees of thuggish “politricks” of politics of our politicks and polity.
According to the African Economist 2012, our hunk’s by far the third biggest receiver of foreign aid after Ethiopia and DRC with USD 2,961 million or 6% of ODA AID. What’s this humongous amount done for boozers, stashing millions offshore?
          Being a justice junkie against the winner-take-it-all greed what transpired last year is breathtakingly shameful. For, thieves created by rotten system tried to cheat us that they captured a golden goose while they actually made a bomb through robbing boozers. Again, they didn't show how they did it. They’re afraid. If their linens are put on the agora, they’ll buzz off fast into oblivion. Truth’ll chasten and dress them down but. I mean those declared billionaires while they actually are but off-the-wall purloins. Days are coming for their nether world to be unearthed. Shall this happen everybody’ll spit on them in lieu of worshiping them. They’ll quickly keel over and nobody’ll wonder. They’ll fall down from the grace the way water falls down the ravine hitting rocks and cascades.
          Boozers are presaged to be watchful this year of elections especially during electioneering. Many suspicious tycoons will enter into marriage with politicos in order to sponsor their campaigns for the promises of paying back after securing ulaji. Most of those making noises that they’ll run for a top job are actually in the pouches of our thugs. Those who seem to stand on their two are known for robbing boozers through scams such as Richmonduli, escrow,IpTL, sugar and oil import, UdA and others to come. These creatures are obsessed with money and what it can by especially votes. If anything, this year should mark their cascade. Give them no vote come next elections. If they offer you dosh just take it and deny them your vote.
          Morally bankrupt as they’re, thieves can daydream even jaywalk politically thinking things won’t change while actually will. Like boozers trust kanywaji and bangi, venal rulers trust power as if they’re born with, and thus, will die with it. This is why they are ready to vend boozers and their hunk to see to it that they remain in power even by proxy through their stooges, relatives, consigliore, bootlickers you name it. Knowing them first hand, I hope and say. This crap of vote buying and rigging will soon be history shall boozers stay put. Their political era was indeed not but a political error. I know. Some other scribes will butter them up. I won’t. Why should I tell a dead ass that it’ll make it while it is dead meat?  How’d I talk about survival while those are in their last throes? Don’t think it is dua la kuku. I know what stuff they’re made of.
          Though our rich criminal and their masters have their hold on power since Mchonga exited the scene, this year’s elections, if well-guarded by Boozers, will change the whole dynamics of corruption. Underdogs, dogs behind the carpet and boozers need to team up to usher in change in this year. Thus don’t hang out with bad crowd even if they are rich and seductive. Kick their ass and vote them out in order to usher change in.  Get the hunk out of dirty hands ruled by the nest of vipers. Giving this kit and caboodle your votes is like awarding them a treasure trove. Or put it this way, your vote’ll give them power to vend you to whomever they want as I recently heard that they’re negotiating with Katar to enslave you in the name of finding boob-a-job for you. The end of this all will be being violated and abused in the name of jobs. How many have already been brought in coffins especially in neighbouring hunk of Nyayo?
Source: Guardian Jan., 11, 2015.

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