Saturday, 31 January 2015

Well done doyen Kingunge!

          Believe me. Our hunk’s currently facing a crazier atmosphere altogether. It is bracing itself for general elections come October when Jake Kiquette’ll hit the road and allow others to come and clean his jumble. Whoever comes in has a lot to do especially at this time our hunk’s grappling with the grip of grafts and all sorts of criminalities committed by the high and the mighty. Before po-faced Kingunge Ngombale-Mwiru  dropped the bolt from the blue in his no-nonsense style, some old-school followers and fans of Chama cha Maulaji (CcM) were wee bit confused about whom they’d entrust their votes come next general elections shan't they turn to be charade aka uchakachuaji. At this time of eating, without sweating, without washing hands, and eating with hands and legs, a vote’s a precious thing. For, without it, one’s left in the cold. So, every eater wants to get a vote so as to take a dip in a gravy train. Here’s where one-upsmanship pays if those targeted aren't vigilant and gallant.
          Without mincing words, Kingunge said that all those CcM top dogs you hear hooting for presidency, are unfaithful, corrupt and use suspicious dosh to vie. If anything, this is the boldest stance ever been taken by CcM’s doyen-cum-cadre.  
          Frankly, Kingunge wants bin-Adams in the hunk to sever the nexus with CcM and look somewhere else, opposition of course, for the coming president who’ll be charged with cleaning the house after long time rule of misrule. Kingunge knows all like his palm. They’re crooks and rent-seekers he doesn't want you to goof voting for while they’re going to vend you.
          Before philosophizing even more, I must doff my hat for Kingunge for openly telling all those who want to coff presidency so that they can easily make dosh without doing anything.
          Kingunge added, “Frankly, when we look at all those making announcements, there is no even a single clean person… we can’t elect president as if we looking for footballer. It’s impossible,” In a simple parlance, as Mwl Mchonga once quipped, all those you see buying votes are bought. According to Mchonga, all these dudes you see making noises have already been bought by their masters who’ll use them after you commit sacrilege and hand ulaji over to them. Beware then. If their inventors and minders have already lost faith in them, then what are you looking for to vote for them?  Ogopa yeye kama ukoma. If we go by Kingunge and Mchonga’s tipoffs, the truth’s likely to be that most of those you see trying to dupe you may be spending dosh obtained from drugs, escrow, and all sorts of criminalities.
          Given that Kingunge, just like mzee Jose Warioba, wants to leave behind a very good legacy, it isn't easy to state if it’s the end or the beginning of reigning in even more shall those hard-heard creatures persist to see to it that they dupe boozers. Mzee, Kingunge, please don’t stop giving them their awesome pills. Boozers have already vowed to kibble them. No quibble about that. Given that the ulaji season is approaching, we’ll witness many fission and fusion in the old order whereby horse and insult trading will be the in-thing. Books will be written, some stating nothing but praise singing. Hired pen and hit-pen will be at work to see to it that dosh is made and power is grabbed. It is upon boozers to weigh and even things making sure they know what’s right and what’s wrong for them.
          Now that the ulaji seekers are pulling strings and pushing buttons to see to it that they land ulaji and eat gluttonously there after. Once this happens, all those who enabled them are forgotten. Shall they try; they face what the Geita boys faced. You see. Some have already put a spin on things so as to commission some people to author books singing praise of them. Given that Bongolalalanders are good imitators, soon you’ll see many logical and illogical books in shelves even if there’s nobody to buy them.  Remember Tumaini lililorejea and then likapotea? Where’s the dude that wasted honour and time to author such a nugatory book?  Some boozers told me that the guy’s promised a post of envoi to a certain hunk that’s why he dressed himself down. Again, after being punched under the belt, he ended up being disenchanted blaming his myopia and greed. Dosh makers like tomatoes are on the hunt to eat money from those who eat them. It is a dog-eat-dog thing.
          Time for con men to reap where they didn't sow is now. All in all and above all, all this biz is about using you as a step to ulaji. So, too, you need to know that the said ulaji is that of eating you. I’m hoping they’ll continue their visits throughout the winter-for our pleasure,” this quotes comes from the book Birds of a feather-Mary Krueger. The birds I mean here are politicians and the winter, campaigns. Will they? Forget. The jig is up.
Source: Guardian Feb., 1, 2015.


Anonymous said...

Hana jipya huyo

NN Mhango said...

Anon japo Kingunge yu kikongwe aweza kukwa na jipya kuliko rais wenu. Ukweli hauna upya au ukale bali ukweli na mantiki.