Saturday, 24 January 2015

I bet Hakainde Hachilema will become Zambia's President

Although this time around the ruling Party in Zambia may use its incumbency to win  presidential by-election, if it happens, Mr H H or Hakainde Hachilema won't lose anything. If Edgar Lungu wins, it is the matter of being in power for one year. Come next year, HH will carry the day. So, either way the elections goes, HH is unstoppable. Looking at  his trajectory since he started running, HH is unstoppable. He might be stopped this time around, next elections he will win. If Lungu wins this time around, he will mess and re-run and lose. This is my bet based on the probability offered above. Who ever wins will do with a knife-edge win. So Zambians need to maintain peace given that there is no loser in this election shall HH lose so as to win next year.

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