Saturday, 28 February 2015

PCCB and cops are corrupt through and through!

  ... , PCCBs boss Edward Hosea and ex-President Benjamin William Mkapa
          I’d not believe my eyes when I read Afrobarometer’s findings-cum-bombshell that Prevention and Condoning Corruption Bureau (PCCB) is among the most corrupt govt agents in the hunk I thought kanywaji and bangi had claimed my eyes. I’d to read over and over again. As an alkie I’d to worry.
           I was wrong. My eyes are doing spiffy. Let me share what made me freak out as I read the Newspaper. The sentence that sent my heart racing noted, “Police ranked the highest corrupt public office with a score of 50 per cent of the respondents followed by TRA officials and local government agents at 37 per cent while judges and magistrates came third with 36 per cent.”  The other day I told sozzlers that these folks were corrupt through and through but they didn’t believe me. I knew this from the beginning due to the fact that most of PCCB officials are my buddies who live in citadels and drive oil guzzlers of the same value and price to those of MPs or ministers. Where did they get the dosh if it isn’t by the way of soliciting kickbacks?  Another way of looking at how filthy rich PCCB folks are is look at their tummies. Some have bigger bellies than even the MPs and other eaters. They’re more pregnant than business cops. Even the lassies they elope with are not those vinuka jasho of Ohio and Kinondoni. They’re employed in reputable offices and others are even wedded ladies.
          The other day one banker told me that if you want to compare rich public workers  pick from the departments of Finance (TrA and Central Bank), Harbour, Airport, Energy and Minerals, Investment, Trade,  Home affairs (cops, and immigration that vends our passes)  and Tourism (whose officials are known for promoting tourism through touring the world), to mention but a few.
          Another nugget, my friend working with intelligence gave me is that some of PCCB honchos have some accounts abroad. So, dispatched to investigate vigogo such as Mzee wa Vijisenti or Rugemalayer of hela ya ugolo they end up asking for bung and stash it in their accounts abroad. This is why all big pinches have nary worried or being arrested even after the media made a lot of noises about their crimes. Who’ll arrest or investigate whom if all are in the same game of robbing paupers and boozers?
          The other day I heard their god complaining that they’ve kiherehere like school girls he once hollered at saying their kiherehere makes them arrest and prosecute without making thorough investigation. He missed a point big time. Kiherehere isn’t the reason for PCCB folks to lose cases. It is mshiko they receive that makes them frame their cases wrongly. It seems the boss forgot his cronies in investment contracts who break the law in entering them to enable thieves –posing as investors – rob our hunk wantonly like IpTL does.
          Let’s think together. What do you expect when the chicken eats its own eggs? What do you expect when a thief’s assigned to guard the shop or a bank? This is Bongo guys. You can’t know who’s who in this game of deceit known as public service or government.
          Afrobarometer has opened my eyes that PCC is the top most corrupt agent in the hunk. Now you can see why corruption’s become the order of the day wantonly. You’re dispatching a thief to arrest another while they’re all in the same game. Akili au matope? Though Afrobarometer exonerated the office of the president which is nary legally audited, PCCB being under it is another nugget why they all are the same.
          The shibboleth or kiherehere of putting PCCB under the office of president makes it difficult for it to operate freely. Thus, use the opportunity to make private dosh out of corrupt and unscrupulous movers and shakers in the hunk. For PCCB to up the ante so as to be accepted and trusted by seething boozers, it’d free itself from the office of the biggie. I know Mr Biggie’ll gloat saying he’s been right all along for imprisoning PCCB in his office for reasons only known to him and friends. Again, after he packs and jumps, what next? Yes. He’s been right given that none of his consigliore’s ever been roasted by PCCB. What else’d he does he want? If he can keep PCCB in a seam zone and keep his foothold on it, then what else?
          Again, the major question to be asked after all this mess, shame is: What’d be done to finesse, attune and fine-tune PCCB so that it can work for boozers? This is important. For the hunk now is in a logjam after being taken over by fisadis. Wait. The other day I read one weekly alleging that in the offshore-dosh-stashing scandal involves even the biggest of the heads of two former regimes. I’m still waiting to hear what PCCB has to say about this new and damning revelation. Wana ubavu if they failed even to investigate illegal grabbing of Kiwila Coal Mine? When a dog turns against its puppies – mind you – things are not well. Who’ll take on the dogs that eat their puppies if the watchdog itself does the same?
Source: Guardian Feb., 29, 2015. 

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