Sunday, 15 February 2015

Will JK spare scarecrows of escrow?

Those of us who read The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, L.Frank Baum, still believe in mythology and the art of changing things aka abracadabra science of deceit.  When Dorothy was asking of the city, the child who’s crying answered, “It is exactly in the center of the country, and is ruled by Oz, the great Wizard I told you of,” (27).
When Dorothy wanted to know if Oz was a good man, she’s told, “Whether he is a man or not, I can’t tell.” If you ask me if Kiquette is hell bent to save the scarecrow of escrow or not, I can’t tell save that signs are on the wall for everybody to read and decipher he is up to. Again, when Dorothy asked if the scarecrow knew the road to emerald city it replied, “I don’t know anything. You see, I am stuffed, so I have no brains at all. To cut a long story short, Dorothy felt bad to notice that the scarecrow was stuffed and it didn't have brain. She wished they’d have gone together to the Wizard of Oz who’d give it brains. The scarecrow didn't care. For its situation of being stuffed didn't bother or hurt him. Even when it confronted a coward lion, it didn't bother.
          The same goes with escrow scarecrows. Since their dirty linens were put on the agora, they've nary perturbed to mount any defense, they neither need any nor brains. The wonderful wizard of Oz will do the show for them in in his pauperization of the hunk. And once he does so, even if through blessing the crime, nobody‘ll question his narrative. Who’ll if at all since the hunk acquired its independence, the ruling kit and caboodle has created their grand narrative?  With the political avant-garde, the Wonderful Wizard of Oz may get away with the murder.
          Tying it to Kiquette, he, so, too, has maintained silence save once in a while saying that the dosh the escrow scarecrow from Bongo and India stole belonged to their phoney-cum-venal company, IpTL. When in his cut and thrust said that the dosh belonged to IpTL I freaked out not to mention many who wondered why he’d to fire Anna Tiba-ijuka or force his consigliore Freddie Were-ma, Sauce-pie Muongo to pack and jump into the water. Is there anything we don’t know but the wonderful and flamboyant wizard of Oz knows? Are we stuffed so as not to bother or ask? Are we dealing with a coward lion who knows that he’s as the one in Wizard of Oz admitted saying, “I know I am saliently a coward?”
           Often times, we need to ask a tough question even prod. Why Rugemalayer and Setii Sing are still free brandishing and dishing do as they contaminate our echelons of power? Does it mean that they’re the govt within a govt? I wish to hear what Mr Kiquette’d say personally or through his all-time controversial mouthpiece Silvia Rweyependekezamu who talks as if he is stuffed just like the troika in in Oz. Did you hear him hollering at the media calling them fools after they asked him if he knew that Muongo followed Jake to Switzerland before tendering his resignation? Do you remember what this charlatan said before? I’ll honestly remind you. The bulwark countervailed that Muongo’d not call it quits because he’s a politician. Thus, couldn’t be fired.  He added that Muongo’s matter was a do-or-die agenda for the office of his boss. Wow! The fella forgot that even his sister Nshomile Anna Tiba isn't only a politico but a high-rank one. So, too, if Muongo’s abdication was a do-or-die thing why then did they give in and put up so as to let him go? The other day I heard that this gullible fella has a Master degree. Did he acquired it legally or through forging like other “mini-sitters” I know that Jake’s saved and spared from being fired? Who knows? Maybe the guy’s paving the way to joining Rugemalayer for the job of cleaning his mess as he did with Richmonduli to no avail. Matter-of-factly, dosh tarts are like that. If one’d prostitute his profession for the want of dosh however dirty it is, what else do you expect when such a connoisseur sees dudes like Rugemalayer?
          Back to the scarecrows of escrow, is it that they don’t have brains they’re feared would spill beans just like the true one in the Wizard of Oz? Will they say that they are stuffed so is their lion?
Points of pondery

          Suppose our lion keeps on proving that he’s stuffed to. Are we going to keep mum as our dosh go under now and then? Are we going to shout like Dorothy, “You are a coward?” suppose, he keeps mum too. Will we bite the bullet as we've always done like when Kiwila Coal Mine was snatched? Are we going to lay waiting to show our rage and revenge in the ballot box come next general elections?
Source: Guardian Feb., 15, 2015.

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