Sunday, 22 February 2015

UDA rip-off: Who’d we believe?

          By the look of things, Usafiri Dar si-Salama aka UDA is under a cloud after being grabbed dubiously in a deal that keeps on backfiring. There have been many exchanges of fires between those who portend to own UDA after “buying” it and those who say they’ve nary sold anything. Recently, Dar Mayor, Diddie Masaburi was quoted as saying, “It’s not true that we have sold all our shares to Simon Group. I’m ready to step down if anyone will prove beyond any reasonable doubt that all UDA shares have been sold to Simon Group.” Masaburi isn't a freak to swear by all gods without being sure of what he’s saying. If he were jesting or threatening, UDA would have tasked him to prove his point. Or they’d have sued for redress. Again, they kept mom to show that what Masaburi said is true, and only the truth. Keeping mum on Masaburi’s assertion’s all hallmarks of truth. Instead of refuting the claims, Shimoni Group has made all-out efforts to make us believe it bought UDA while it actually grabbed it thanks to Masaburi’s revelation. Again, who’d we believe?
           Another bigwig who weighed is none other than Joni Mnyika the Heshihmiwa for Ubungo who's quoted as saying, “The government itself and CAG have admitted that procedures were not followed, and as we speak the Simon Group still runs the UDA, why is the government allowing this investor to continue managing UDA?” what a nice and provocative question! Did they answer? Will they answer? Wait. Maybe, just maybe, they’ll answer when Jesus comes again to show who grabbed UDA and who offered it after being induced with dosh. Again, given this is Bongolalaland aka shamba la bibi, those grabbers may get away with murder as boozers stay side and look as if this property isn't theirs.
Those two quotes above can tell you where the truth stands. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to see this. Again, those behind this crime-cum-scandal still think that Bongolalalanders are mere dum-dum they can take for ride by robbing them wantonly.  If boozers and Bongolalalanders are going enjoying their slumber, they’re indeed finished! Amkeni mwaliwa folks. For how long will you endure such malingering behaviour as if you’re tabula lasa? We need to be vigilant to see to it that UDA amoral dealings are brought to the agora so that we can decide if deception and horse trading are not involved in this murky thing.
          Looking at two quotations from an MP and a mayor, I see red, and wish all boozers would see it in the same light so as to –after being provoked – they can unflinchingly decide to claim back their property. How do we allow rip-offs and swindlers, filches and stinking gang honchos to rob us wantonly this way? According to the words of two heshimiwas, UDA is still boozers’ property. This conning Shimoni Group needs to be kicked out of our property. Again, looking at how meanders have been cut for long, there seems to be a top dog behind this phoney company.  We’d not allow such swindlers hiding behind spineless companies and name to take us shimoni as they name indicate.
          The other day I heard one humanoid employed by UDA saying that those who oppose this crime don’t like wazawa.  Wazawa unawajua or you simply use the word uzawa to fill your thankless tummy? The mistake such goons make is reading boozers’ minds.  How can we love wazawa more than we love ourselves? Even those who defend UdA are doing so not for the love of it but the love of their personal interests. Again, those they dupe (their employers such as UDA) think that they’re doing their job while they’re but duping them the way they want to dupe boozers. Who cares if the thief is mzawa or mgeni? A crook is a crook regardless of his genealogy. I don’t pay any hoot once my dosh is stolen in my house. If the robber is my son or neighbour’s one, I just treat them the same. To me, Chavda is as evil as Rugemalayer is. Seth SingEscrow is as evil as Mzee wa Vijisenti is. A criminal is a criminal. So, those depending on uzawa to seek our mercy should find another way to please their masters. Who cares if the skyjacker’s mzawa or  mgeni?
          Folks, given that my sacred duty is telling you where things are going awry, mine ends up here as I wait to see what’ll your reaction be. Again, whom are we waiting while everything is on the agora that our firm has been grabbed? As for wazawa and Shimoni Group, go tell it to the birds. According to the two big wheels quoted above, UdA is still ours. Whatever Shimoni Group say to justify their crime won’t hold any water up till they prove those big guns wrong.

Hosta luego gente!
Source: Guardian Feb., 22, 2015.

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